Race of The Week Poll: Wilson's US #1 500 or Richardson's US #1 300?

The 2016 installment of the GHS Pre-Holiday wasn't only live streams but it also provided numerous US #1 performances.Two of those are up for race of the week. Vote below for who you think has the race of the week. 

Up first at GHS was super sophomore Britton Wilson. This was her very first race of the year and it looks like she only gained from last year as she blew the field away early to run a monster 1:14.73 US #1 performance. That was after opening in a blistering sub 40 which is right around her personal best for the event. 

Though the time was impressive, watch above to see how she just demoralized the field and took down the US #1 time. 

Next up was Syaira Richardson in the 300. Though she was entered all along, she was really not supposed to run this event and was just going to run a fast split on the Team War 4x200. After a costly disqualification though plans were changed and she was entered in the 300 fast section and was told to really run. That is exactly what she did. 

Though 39.91 is fast, it is faster knowing it was on a flat track, and it is insanely fast knowing she did a workout the night before. That is right, she was doing a hard workout the night before and still ran a US #1 time in the 300. That just shows you this state record holder isn't playing around this season.