Western Branch Just Won't Let Up! Girls Go 1:37 in 4x2

The race video above is from just last week at the Boo Williams Winter Break Invitational where they went US #1 in the shuttle hurdle relay.

While some teams are off on break, the Bruins of Western Branch are on the road again at the NYC Armory for their annual pre-nationals trip to get throw some fast times down. This year's trip to Washington Heights is just like others in the past and has been thus far very impressive.

The shuttle hurdle relay quartet of Ballard, Terrell, Jenkins, and Shockley started things off on a big note with a stellar 31.27 performance just .05 off of the national record in this event. A record that they set themselves just a few years ago. 

If that wasn't enough, which enough is truly never enough if you are a Bruin, they went US #1 and VA #2 All-Time in the 4x200 just a couple hours later. Their time of 1:37.50 is a school record and is certainly an attempt to take back the 4x200 state record which fell last year to rival Nansemond River. 

Western Branch, at least on the girls' side, had previously held all six relay state records at one time and was the only program to ever achieve such a feat. In 2016 though Team War (Nansemond River) stripped them of that title by taking down the 4x1, 4x2, and 4x4 (outdoors) records.

This year looks to be a year when the Bruins are on a path to even higher goals than the state records. Keep an eye on this group of ladies as they reveal how truly fast they are.

The Branch will be in action next week but will be bringing the whole house at the VA Showcase in just three weeks.