Team VA is On The Rise: Vaulting To Higher Heights

Virginia is probably pound for pound the strongest track & field state in the entire nation. We may not be the biggest state, well technically are the 12th largest state, but we definitely have one of the most prominent state teams. One event that VA has not been a national player in but now is, is the pole vault. 

This season is quickly becoming one of the best ever on the books for VA and right now, VA is having a better and more consistent season than any other state in the Union. Right now VA has six guys over 15-0 in the vault ahead of Texas and Ohio who both have four. That is out of the 28 guys over 15' so far. 

Boy's Pole Vault Rankings (Full List)

The story will be very much the same story on the girls' side as well by the end of the season. Over the past couple years more and more girls, at a younger age, have come in and raised the bar a lot each year. This could be even better of a year for VA on that side of things.