Upset or Expected? Team War Takes Back 4x200 State Record!

Heading into New Balance Nationals it was very clear that the team to beat in the entire nation was Western Branch. Those girls shattered the state record and ran the fastest time in the nation since 2012 at the VA Showcase. Ever since then it was obvious they were a team of destiny. 

That was all until they had to matchup against their rivals, Team War. 

Nansemond River definitely did not show us all their firepower early in the season but it was unclear whether they would be as good as they were last year. Meet after meet their performances led us to believe they would not be. They entered the meet seeded at 1:40 in the 4x2 while Branch was at 1:37.09. 

Then something happened, they put on those Team War jerseys and it was new team. 

The quartet of Richardson, Carter, Scott-Mckoy, and Donaldson advanced to the finals with a time of 1:37.85. They still though were seeded behind Branch's 1:37.08 which once again broke the state record. Looking at it closely now though you can see that Team War may have be keeping a secret the entire time.