Race of The Week: Robelen Runs Away From National Record Holder & State Champ

Just like in XC, sometimes sitting back is what you need to do to win. Caroline Robelen did just that for the win this weekend in what is now the race of the week from the James River Invitational. Her winning time was 2:16.93 thanks to a monstrous final 200 where she left nothing to doubt. 

From the start, Rachel Northcutt pushed the pace. Even though there were certainly some big names in the field, everyone was worried about Britton Wilson the sprinter speciality and national class record holder. 

The race fanned out quickly with a stream of girls running in single file thru basically the first lap. After that point it was a four runner pack and a gap to the field. Northcutt led with Wilson, Ferguson, and Robelen all right behind. It wasn't until 230m left that Robelen made her move and it was a huge move! 

Out-kicking sprinters and state champions Robelen powered down the home stretch to run at the time was a VA #1 performance. Check out the race above.