Workout Wednesday: Bethel Shows VA How to Prepare For A Killer 4x4!

Bethel is known for their 400m runners so we had to see what it was all about. Spoiler alert, their workouts are super tough and there is no doubt they have one of the toughest workouts in Virginia. 

Hear Coach Gaines' Interview Right here!

When we visited them last week they were beginning faze three of their training season. This involves incorporating more speed alongside the strength they have been constantly building. Specifically the workout we ran was catered towards the 400-800 guys and girls. These athletes are the bread & butter of Bethel's success.

The workout

  • Warm-up, drills, stretch
  • Beg Coach Gaines to know what the workout but end up getting put in a tough event for asking
  • Run 450 (64-66 seconds for top group)
  • 15 Minutes Rest
  • Run 450 at same pace
  • 15 Minutes Rest
  • 4x50 w/ 20 Seconds Rest
  • 2x200 w/ 1 Minute Rest 
  • Cool Down Mile