The Skinny on The HUGE 5A Boys Team Title Race

Indoors was epic, outdoors could be legendary when it comes to the 5A Boys Team Title Race. This 5A Boys title race is going to come down to the wire once again. Lee-Davis leads the way with the widest variety of points but Potomac Senior, Bethel, Deep Run, and Prince George all have scary 1-2 punches that on a good day could swing everything. 

Boys 5A State Virtual Meet

To put it simply, the meet will be won or lost in the spread of just a few events. Those events are the 400-300H-800-200. Each of these top teams will need huge points from them to even have a shot at taking home the team title. 

The most important two events, aside from a likely epic 4x4, will be the 400 and 300H. Bethel and Lee-Davis will need these to be hallmark events. Potomac Senior and Prince George though will be heavy set on the relays and shorter sprints. 

All & all though the difference maker really won't be the 10 point event scorers but the 1 point event scorers. Those individuals who step up big and grab a point or two unexpectedly will be the real difference makers. 

Though we want to say this meet is going to be won in those events or even the throws for Lee-Davis, the real truth is that this team title race is too epic to not be decided by an awesome 4x400 relay. 

Team Scores (Full Virtual Meet)

2Potomac Senior High School49
3Deep Run42
6Prince George High School36
7Tuscarora High School (VA)31
8L.C. Bird29
9Douglas Freeman25.33