Team VA's NBON Running Event Preview

The toughest place to win a title this weekend will certainly be on the track in individual events for Team Va. This year we have no certainties but certainly a lot of great athletes. One that is particularly deserving and talented is Chantilly's Brandon Mcgorty. 

Brandon has been a mainstay in VA T&F for four plus years and is primed and ready for a national title. He has produced some of the fastest times ever and won numerous state titles but the one he wants is going to be tough to get. Expect him to open strong and push very hard the final 300m on. It's going to be an exciting race and hopefully ends with Team VA and McGorty grabbing the win. 

The only other guy with a serious shot at winning a national title based on current entries is Blacksburg's Cole Beck in the 100. Though his time is not too fast, he has yet to face stiff competition and this warm weather could be a huge help for the track/football star. 

In the girls' competition Virginia has six different chances to bring home a title. One of them could even come on the first day with E.C. Glass' Libby Davidson running the 5K. Her rival and friend Weini Kelati took it last year and this year she could grab it back. 

In the mile competition South Lakes' Olivia Beckner might be the sleeper pick of the century. She has raced tough competition all year so she is trained in racing tactics but also has some serious speed. Expect her to be very much in contention the entire way. 

If entries stand no one outside of McLaughlin have a chance at winning the 400mH but that won't stop Kori Carter and Lauren Hoffman from trying. Both ladies will be attacking those 10 barriers in the hopes that they can make magic happen. 

Finally in the rematch of the century we will get to see Syaira Richardson vs Britton Wilson one last time over 400m. At the 5A state meet the race came down to the final steps where Wilson took a tumble but still managed to finish second in a VA #2 all-time performance. They both rank 1-2 all-time in the state and have serious shots at taking down the favorite, Lynna Irby.