Not To Throw Shade, But Will Anyone Outside of The 757 Ever Win The 100H?

Let's preface this by saying pound for pound Virginia is stacked all over with talented athletes regardless of classification or geography.That being said, you really have to ask yourself when and if a girl from outside of the 757 will win the 100H.

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Now we didn't just randomly think of an idea how to anger 75% of the state, this question came from looking at cold hard facts and some AAU results too. This past weekend at the AAU Region 5 Qualifier the best race had to have been the epic showdown between 8th graders Jahnelle Saunders and Nataja Ballard, yes the little sister to Shadajah Ballard. 

These two 8th graders clocked 14.36 and 14.98 over those 10 barriers and right now would rank 13th and 36th in the entire state of Virginia. Pretty impressive considering it is safe to assume they will enter their high school careers ranked inside the top 10. 

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Now this young talent will be around for a while and represents the future domination of the 757 but you also have to look at the past and present to fully comprehend the hierarchy. Starting with this year you have to mention Kori Carter of Nansemond River who is not only a sophomore and the 5A State Champion but also owns the VA #6 fastest time ever with her 13.56 time. She leads the way but behind her in the state rankings are three other 757 girls under 14.00 this season and 27 of the top 50 ranked girls.

The 757 also represents 8 out of the top 10 spots with only Lauren Hoffman (#3) and Taylor Robinson (#9) breaking through.  Not only did they run fast times though, they also won the big titles too. This has included every 6A state title, 3/4 of the 5A state titles, and every AAA state title since 2003. These stats are even more impressive considering Brandee' Johnson won a couple 4A titles and I.C. Norcom and Brunswick have also won some 3A and 2A state titles as well. 

Even historically on a time basis things have been quicker in the 757. So quick in fact that on the All-Time list 757 athletes rank 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,10,11,14,15,18,19, and 20! These athletes also hold all of the Virginia State Class Records too. 

There is no denying this dominance or to argue that it is cyclical insofar that speed begets speed. Until another region of the state develops this type of depth or finds a superstar, it looks like the 757 has this race tied down thru 2022.