Year 4: What Will The Boys' Class of 2018 Do?

The class of 2018 took over XC last year but this year could be even bigger. Not only do you have returning champions Peter Smith, Peter Morris, and Karl Thiessen but you also have some big time heavy hitters returning as well. This includes state champions: Price Owens, Phillip Lambert, Colton Bogucki, Ahmed Hassan, Nolan Harris, and Andrew Delvecchio. 

Class of 2018 XC Rankings: Frosh Yr - Soph Yr - Junior Yr

So this begs the question, who will steal the show and be the Waleed Suliman of this class. Better yet, how many of these guys can go under 15:00 this season. 

To start with the first question, Price Owens definitely on paper has the stuff to really run fast. He boasts a 15:07 best but is closely followed by Morris, Smith, and Bogucki who enter all under 15:20. Price has a great balance of speed and endurance and his height definitely helps as well. Morris and Bogucki though have themselves and now Sam Affolder as a training partner making their workouts hands down the best for November prep. 

Sitting on the outside looking in will be Phillip Lambert, Benjamin Nibbelink, and Ahmed Hassan who all had huge break through track season. Though they are not part of the top five heading into the season, it looks like they could really steal the show this year. Hassan especially could light things up considering he was injured almost the entire season. He is already in sub 9 minute shape for the two mile. 

Our final dark horse is Grant Northcutt of Cosby. He has led this class from the gun until injuries plagued him his junior year. If Grant is healthy, expect a sub 15:00 performance from the Cosby senior. 

Regardless of who you will be cheering for, this is going to be one of the fastest graduating class ever and an exciting XC season.