What Does The Class of 2018 Have In Store For 2017?

Cover photo by: John Herzog

The final chance for the class of 2018 to shine is this year and it should be a big one. Leading the way will definitely be Heather Holt who is moving from 5A to 6A this season. Though this change will definitely affect James Madison and Lake Braddock in 6A, the bigger change will be the individual race in 5A. 

Even though it would be competitive with Holt, without her it becomes a battle to the line. Ryann Helmers leads the way on paper but a resurgent Emma Wolcott will definitely be the odds on favorite heading into the race. When you add them and Jodi Tolarchyk to the mix it becomes a very competitive and scary fast race.

Elsewhere the girls of 2018 will try to bring home some gold as well. Starting in 4A we will have Natalie Morris who was the runner-up last year. Her twin brother Peter already has a state title so it will be fun to see if she can equal his 2016 win. 

In 2A the class of 2018 will have two serious shots at the crown with Clara Wincheski and Chloe Phillips both vying for the title. But in 1A and 3A it looks nearly impossible for 2018 to complete the sweep. 

This cross country season may be the final one for the class of 2018 but it will likely be the longest. If these girls keep improving like they have all year we should have a very solid unit of runners competing at NXN and Foot Locker Nationals this season. 

Who will win this season? We will just have to sit back and watch!