Preseason Countdown: Boys' Individual #8

There are undeniable benefits to having a stacked roster heading into the season. Loudoun Valley and Colton Bogucki will definitely be utilizing one of those benefits this season by working together. Not only is Colton one of the top returners with his 15:16 best but he will also have the two best training partners in the entire state. You can't beat talent when talent trains together. That's why he is our #8 this preseason

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Colton was definitely a quick bloomer into the VA distance scene but he hasn't had a break through cross country season. Though he is much more of a mid-distance specialist, i.e. 800-2000, he has shown quite a bit of improvement in the longer distances. 

While remaining equally as fast in the 800, last year we saw big improvements in the mile and two mile distances. He improved seven seconds (4:14) in the 1600 and and 10 seconds (9:13) in the 3200. Not only did the times come down but he also was finally able to seal the deal with his indoor 1600 state title this year. 

Following those trends we are predicting a big season from Colton and expect his improvements over distances to keep improving. We know we are being bold here but sub 15 could very well be in his future. 

Preseason Countdown

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#8 - Colton Bogucki (Loudoun Valley)