Boys & Girls Preseason Top 5 Teams #4

The thing that makes XC the best season for many is the undeniable team aspect of the sport. Though you can win national titles and state titles all while setting records as an individual, it truly takes five guys or girls to bring home a team trophy in cross country. 

Below is just the start of our very competitive top fives. Check them all out over the coming weeks. Check out the #5 rankings right here!

Boys' Team #4: Lee-Davis High School 

This 5A team has seen victory and tough defeat on the track side. Though some athletes were not directly affected by those tough losses you can definitely assume that they will none the less use it as fuel. When you combine a killer drive, a talented group of guys, and a chip on their shoulder you get a recipe for big success. 

Lee-Davis has never brought home the biggest honor in XC and this could be their shot. They will have very tough competition from their county rivals but right now it is theirs' to win. 

Top Returners and State-wide rankings

5Lee-Davis (VA)577
1) Jack Ikenberry*15:37.008
2) Patrick Sutphin*16:27.0069
3) Cole McAndrew*16:33.0089
4) Lane Johnson*16:34.0095
5) Carter Mann*17:24.00316
Average Time: 16:31.00 Total Time: 1:22:35.00 1-5 Split: 1:47.00
6) Brandon Parknow*17:26.00326
7) Tyler Palicia18:12.00636

Girls' Team #4: Loudoun Valley High School

The 4A classification is simply the best this year. Blacksburg joins the fun and returning champs E.C. Glass return many. Loudoun Valley though has snuck under the radar for years by racking up those runner-up trophies. Sometimes though you deserve some recognition for being second when being second means you are one of the best teams in the state. 

Loudoun Valley may be 7th on paper but their age and proving training improvements leads up to believe they will be a heavy-hitting team running well faster than their seed time by the state meet. 

Top Returners and State-wide rankings

7Loudoun Valley (VA)553
1) Natalie Morris18:19.0011
2) Elise Abbe19:22.0078
3) Alice Roberts19:30.80103
4) Noelle Saine19:55.40166
5) Heather Feconda20:07.00195
Average Time: 19:26.84 Total Time: 1:37:14.20 1-5 Split: 1:48.00
6) Madilyn Abbe20:08.50199
7) Leah Snyder20:16.50228