The Team of The Century? Loudoun Valley Enters as Heavy Favorites

The thing that makes XC the best season for many is the undeniable team aspect of the sport. Though you can win national titles and state titles all while setting records as an individual, it truly takes five guys or girls to bring home a team trophy in cross country. 

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Boys' Team #1: Loudoun Valley 

It is not often Virginia has a monster of a team. Now we do occasionally get some individual gems but it really hasn't happened in quite some time that we get a team of athletes who are not only contenders to make NXN but to win the whole ship. 

The Loudoun Valley Vikings are simply going to be on another level this entire season. Led by the group of Peter Morris, Colton Bogucki, and Sam Affolder they will chase history on the Great Meadow course for one of the lowest team scores in history with only Midlothian and Price Owens standing in their way. 

Now we know there will be a lot of talk about their transfers, Affolder and Wells, but the truth is this team was great before those guys even arrived. We're not saying they won't help but they were already on the path for a three peat and all these guys do is help them potentially win a NXN title. 

The real question though this season will definitely be who will ascend to the top of team and try and take home the individual honors. Peter Morris is the defending 4A champion but his teammates Jacob Hunter and Sam Affolder are going to be right on his side. Those guys also have to worry about even another two or three LV guys, Midlothian's front group, and Foot Locker finalist Price Owens. 

Top Returners and State-wide rankings

*missing both Wells and Affolder who are transfers this season 

1Loudoun Valley (VA)124
1) Peter Morris15:14.002
2) Colton Bogucki15:16.503
3) Jacob Hunter15:43.6012
4) Jacob Windle16:13.8044
5) Chase Dawson16:22.1063
Average Time: 15:46.00 Total Time: 1:18:50.00 1-5 Split: 1:08.10
6) Kevin Carlson16:38.90104
7) Scotty Hill17:15.00253