Updated VHSL State Meet Info

Here are your state meet updates. 

Virginia High School Cross Country State Championship 2017 - Great Meadow

November 10 and 11, 2017

5A/2A Girls 10:30 5A/2A Boys 11:15

4A/1A   Girls 11:45 4A/1A Boys 12:30

6A/3A Girls 1:00 6A/3A Boys 1:45


Meet Directors: Dave Davis (Colgan High School)

                Ken Wall (Loudoun County)

    Derek Farrey (Loudoun County Public Schools)

Host School: Colgan High School - Principal Tim Healey

Starter: Cindy Wall, Dan Wooley (USATF)

Clerk of Course: Bob MacDonald (Spotsylvania County), Gale Faulkner (USATF) 

Head Finish Judges: Bill Stearns (Colgan), George Siragusa (USATF)

Judges: Leroy Worley (Freedom- Woodbridge), Brent Miller 

Inspectors: Paul Mobley (Osbourn), Karl Williams (Loudoun County)

Timer: PMV Timing

Scoring: PMV Timing

Coaches Packets: Bob MacDonald

Trainers: Rick Stewart (Potomac High School), Jessie Shanks (Forest Park), Ashley Ausbourn (Colgan HS), Jeanne Ryder (Osbourn HS)

Announcer: Josh Wall

Parking and Tickets: Colgan High School, Mountain View High School, and Freedom High School

Awards: VHSL Representative

Special Thanks to: 

The Great Meadow Foundation and the Colgan High School Student-Athletes and Parents.

General Information for Spectators:

Please be positive in all comments to the athletes and the officials. The officials are volunteers and have given up their time to make the meet a success.

Sportsmanship: verbal abuse directed toward a meet official will result in a team disqualification.

Please do not enter the chip return area after the race.

Please help keep Great Meadow clean 

Current Girls' Meet Records:

1A: Julia Wood18:47

2A: Emma Call 18:31

3A: Bonnie Angermeier 18:04

4A: Libby Davidson 17:12

5A: Heather Holt 17:18

6A: Kate Murphy 17:08*

*Course, Meet, and Facility Record

Current Boys' Meet Records:

1A: Cliff Conley 16:05

2A: Brad Swiney 15:36

3A: Drew Hunter 14:41*

4A: Drew Hunter 15:04

5A: Louis Colson 15:06

6A: Alex Corbett 15:08

*Course, Meet, and Facility Record

Previous Meet Records:

A -     Ben Veillux 15:37 Megan Marsico 17:38

AA-    Andrew Colley 15:02 Kathleen Stevens and Annie Hardy 17:34

AAA- Sean McCorty 14:47 Sophie Chase 17:24

2016 Champions:

1A - Gavin Jenkins 16:26 Mary Elliott 20:21

2A - William Miller 16:11 Jessey Ball 19:26

3A - Karl Thiessen 15:58 Samantha Marin 18:18

4A - Peter Morris 15:14 Noel Palmer 18:04

5A - Waleed Suliman 15:13 Heather Holt 17:18

6A - Peter Smith 15:22 Kate Murphy 17:08