Zach Levet & Albemarle Shock The Entire 5A State!

THE PLAINS, Va. - Their coaches may have thought it was a real possibility but few saw either Zachary Levet or Albemarle winning state titles this weekend. That of course didn't matter because both took care of business, made moves at the right time, and were able to step up onto the Judges Stand victoriously. 

5A Boys Results: Team - Individual - Splits 

Zach Levet was able to bring home the title thanks to a strong late move on the main field during the final 600m. His final time was 15:52. Albemarle won the state team title with 95 points. 

The championship race, the second on the very cold and windy course started well. Despite the cold the guys pushed it hard the opening mile, maybe not hard enough though as the lead pack came thru in 4:55. It was a first mile that only saw 10 guys dip under 5:00 minutes. 

From early on it was Philip Lambert pushing the pace with Henrik Anderson, Levet, Ben Nibbelink, Jack Ikenberry, Ryan McCracken and Yared Mekonnen all content to sit back. Just past the mile the field began to spread out again but no one truly separated from the field. 

It wasn't until re-entering the main field that Levet began to make his final move. From being even with Lambert around the hill to now leading big it was a foot race down that final long homestretch. Levet led with Lambert, Ikenberry, Anderson, and Mekonnen all visible behind him. 

No one could beat Levet Friday though. He drove home and crossed the line victoriously. Behind him Anderson and then Lambert in third. Jack Ikenberry was 4th (16:09) and Yared Mekonnen was 5th (16:11). 

What happened next though was both surprising and awesome. Despite having five different teams score their first two runners before Albemarle's first finisher, Albemarle was able to show us all how this is truly a team sport. This special group of guys ran together and push themselves to a team victory with 95 points. 

Albemarle Boys', 5A State Champions, Team Results

16:54.00Harris Naseh20th5A Boys
16:56.00Mark Pellissier22nd5A Boys
17:00.00Josh Fard26th5A Boys
17:11.00Cutter Huston30th5A Boys
17:13.00J.D. MacKnight32nd5A Boys
17:20.00Samuel Tamblre38th5A Boys
17:22.00Will Mackenzie41st5A Boys

Deep Run was second with 101 points, Glen Allen finished third with 111 points, and Lee-Davis was fourth with 117 points.