It Was A Day of Sweeps!

THE PLAINS, Va. - After Lake Braddock swept the 6A competition Friday apparently the small schools were taking notes and making plans for Saturday. That is because for the first time in state history it was a clean sweep of an entire day by just three teams. Auburn swept the 1A competition, Maggie Walker swept the 2A competition, and Western Albemarle swept the 3A competition. 

It was also the closest we've ever been to a complete state sweep. Albemarle won the boys and were second in the girls race while Loudoun Valley won the boys and also finished a close second on the girls side. 

State Meet Results, Photos, & Video Hub 

Auburn Boys 40, Girls 58

Maggie Walker Boys 61, Girls 48

Western Albemarle Boys 47 , Girls 55

Lake Braddock Boys 74 Points , Girls 86