3A Boys State Meet Preview

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It is only fitting that the year Blacksburg leaves another powerhouse rolls in. That is the case this year with Western Albemarle who is solidly the favorite on paper heading into the state meet. We know the scores are relatively tight and in most cases wouldn't call a team like this a powerhouse but when you realize that five guys in their top six return and that they haven't run their best runner yet this season you would then agree. 

Christiansburg, Hidden Valley, and Abingdon though are all seeking to upend Western's state title hopes and realistically all have a shot. 

Christiansburg has the best shot out of all these teams with a very solid group of guys competing. They have also taken down Western head to head this season which bodes well for them. The issue for them though is that Western puts two in front of their one and that is a difference maker that causes ripples down the line.

After those top two runners though the Christiansburg lineup lines right up against Western and can exchange punches. Those punches will be useless though if they cannot break thru that 1-2 punch of Western. Mathematically you can't expect to win when you're working with a 20 point deficit from the time your first runner crosses the line. 

Abingdon, who is ranked fourth, may have the next best shot thanks to their 1-2 punch. They will score low upfront but not having a proven 5th runner could be costly. If their 5th runner has a huge day then they will as well.

Finally you also have Hidden Valley who just like Abingdon has a great 1-2 upfront. 

Individually the race is Karl Thiessen's to defend. He is not only looking to defend his title but to also join Griff Graves as a double champion for Abingdon. His chances are good if he is healthy since he enters the meet with a solid 40 second lead over Cave Spring's Peter Smith and Western's Joe Hawkes

Boys' Top 12 Teams: 

1Western Albemarle (VA)81
1) Joe Hawkes15:55.403
2) Jack Eliason16:17.505
3) Joseph Taylor16:36.3016
4) Max Miller16:48.8027
5) Cyrus Rody-Ramazani17:00.0030
Average Time: 16:31.60 Total Time: 1:22:38.00 1-5 Split: 1:04.60
6) Will Koester17:28.9048
7) Cam Wood18:03.3088
2Christiansburg (VA)108
1) Ethan Mills16:23.029
2) Cooper Neeble16:38.0019
3) Nate Leichner16:41.0020
4) Nathan Morton16:50.0029
5) Ethan Wilson17:03.0031
Average Time: 16:43.00 Total Time: 1:23:35.02 1-5 Split: 39.98
6) Alex Watty17:24.6142
7) Matthew Burns17:36.5355
3Hidden Valley High School (VA)124
1) Noah Harding16:18.076
2) James Blanton16:30.0010
3) Hayes Bartlett16:35.0013
4) Marcus Coffey17:10.7038
5) Cole Ballou17:37.0057
Average Time: 16:50.15 Total Time: 1:24:10.77 1-5 Split: 1:18.93
6) Andy Roller17:38.0058
7) Mason Cobbler17:39.4061
4Abingdon High School (VA)148
1) Karl Thiessen15:09.201
2) Noah Wheeling16:18.607
3) Ethan Blevins16:49.1428
4) Gavin Timmons17:09.3035
5) Dylan Phillips17:56.9077
Average Time: 16:40.63 Total Time: 1:23:23.14 1-5 Split: 2:47.70
6) Hunter Atkins19:00.10139
7) Joshua Reynolds19:05.67149
5Cave Spring High School (VA)176
1) Peter Smith15:49.502
2) Austin Hayden16:30.1011
3) Cooper Albright16:46.8024
4) Ben Palisca17:29.2049
5) Josh Fretwell18:04.3090
Average Time: 16:55.98 Total Time: 1:24:39.90 1-5 Split: 2:14.80
6) Xander Keriazakos18:30.00109
7) John Asimakopoulos18:59.30138
6Waynesboro (VA)204
1) Jacob Robeck16:19.708
2) Stuart Vailes16:37.6018
3) Sam Sikora17:09.0034
4) Kevin Hicks17:28.0047
5) Patrick Maneval18:12.2097
Average Time: 17:09.30 Total Time: 1:25:46.50 1-5 Split: 1:52.50
6) Dustin Robinson18:29.00107
7) Ben Harris19:13.90162
7Fort Defiance (VA)216
1) Jacob Jones16:46.8025
2) Ben Harlow17:08.0032
3) Brandon Barker17:08.0033
4) Fisher Wheeler17:15.0040
5) Clayton Michael18:00.0086
Average Time: 17:15.56 Total Time: 1:26:17.80 1-5 Split: 1:13.20
6) Ben Smoker18:01.0087
7) Nathan Shifflett18:08.9093
8James Monroe (VA)276
1) Mitch Dolby16:36.7017
2) William Snead17:19.0041
3) Alex Kolar17:30.3052
4) William Rowe17:32.3053
5) Aidan Ridderhof18:36.00113
Average Time: 17:30.86 Total Time: 1:27:34.30 1-5 Split: 1:59.30
6) Terence McKenzie19:03.30146
7) Samuel Dumont19:06.00152
9Brentsville District (VA)299
1) Andrew Rice17:14.1039
2) Drew Davey17:29.8051
3) Brandon Close17:41.6065
4) Colin McNally17:44.5069
5) Patrick Broemmel17:54.0075
Average Time: 17:36.80 Total Time: 1:28:04.00 1-5 Split: 39.90
6) Andrew Broemmel17:59.3084
7) William Sawyer18:19.30103
10Tabb (VA)305
1) AndrĂ© Jones16:46.0023
2) Logan Jackson17:26.7045
3) Preston Klekar17:40.3064
4) John McCauley III17:51.2074
5) James Fiocca18:14.1099
Average Time: 17:35.66 Total Time: 1:27:58.30 1-5 Split: 1:28.10
6) Michael Menapace18:17.00101
7) Caleb Rivera18:33.80110
11Warren County (VA)335
1) Dj Staton16:30.1012
2) Bailey Grant17:10.0037
3) Nate Brown17:46.3072
4) Jaydon Halter18:14.0098
5) Isaiah Dade18:38.80116
Average Time: 17:39.84 Total Time: 1:28:19.20 1-5 Split: 2:08.70
6) Nolan Johnson19:08.20155
7) Jake Taylor19:22.10167
12Monticello (VA)354
1) Eli Keith17:25.0043
2) Taylor Pierson17:34.0054
3) Jack Kircher17:40.3063
4) Will Krehmeyer17:57.0079
5) Zach Wojcik18:38.70115
Average Time: 17:51.00 Total Time: 1:29:15.00 1-5 Split: 1:13.70
6) Bradley Ferrer18:46.00124
7) Jack Watkins18:57.00136