12 Team 6A State Virtual Meet

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It has become commonplace to see Lake Braddock atop the judges stand at Great Meadow but this year they could have some unexpected company...Western Branch. Yes, the team that dominated track season after season seems to have fielded a formidable XC team on the guys' side. Braddock though enters the meet as the odds on favorite in both races. West Springfield on the girls' side is also a team to look out for as they defeated Braddock at the regional meet. 

Here are both the girls' and boys' state virtual meets. This virtual meet though only includes the 12 teams that advanced to the state meet and is without any non-scoring individuals. That means this is as close as you are going to get as a predictor for how things will shape up. 

Boys' Individual Scorers (Full State Rankings)

1Edward Cerne2019Lake Braddock15:12.90 1
2Brent Bailey2018Ocean Lakes15:13.20 2
3Grant Northcutt2018Cosby15:19.00 3
4Chase Osborne2019Western Branch High School15:38.00 4
5Andre Jordan2018Western Branch High School15:44.90 5
6Tyler Lipps2019Ocean Lakes15:53.38 6
7Ahmed M Hassan2018Oakton15:54.90 7
8Connor Doyle2019Cosby15:57.00 8
9Chamberlain Zulauf2018James Madison16:04.50 9
10Zachary Holden2018James Madison16:06.30 10

Boys' Team Scores (Full List)

1Lake Braddock741+13+17+20+23 (50+51)1:12.5016:06.34
2Western Branch High School954+5+25+26+35 (39+57.5)1:02.1016:11.60
3Cosby1043+8+19+34+40 (48+68)1:28.2616:12.99
4Ocean Lakes1132+6+27+32+46 (47+61)1:44.8716:14.68
5W.T. Woodson13515+24+28+31+37 (43+53)27.8016:30.38
6James Madison1389+10+11+42+66 (69+71)1:17.5016:31.50
7West Springfield166.516+22+30+41+57.5 (70+72)56.9016:40.32
8Patriot High School18614+18+45+49+60 (75+77)1:00.4016:45.42
9Clover Hill21412+33+38+52+79 (83+84)1:26.2216:52.21
10Landstown High School23821+36+56+62+63 (64+80)54.3516:58.24
11Oakton2427+44+59+65+67 (76+82)1:27.6016:57.04
12Manchester High School28529+54+55+73+74 (78+81)1:01.9117:11.05

Girls' Individual Scorers (Full State Rankings)

1Olivia Beckner2018South Lakes17:30.00 1
2Allison Fick2019Colonial Forge18:04.00 2
3Sarah Daniels2018Lake Braddock18:17.10 3
4Samantha Schwers2018Lake Braddock18:41.50 4
5Sarah Coleman2019West Springfield18:44.50 5
6Isabelle Gulgert2019South Lakes18:45.00 6
7Seneca Willen2019James W. Robinson18:46.00 7
8Brielle Perry2018Lake Braddock18:52.80 8
9Chase Kappeler2019West Springfield18:55.00 9.5
9Sara Belamarich2018Western Branch High School18:55.00 9.5

Girls' Team Scores (Full List)

1Lake Braddock693+4+8+23+31 (32+33)1:25.3019:00.18
2West Springfield80.55+9.5+13+14+39 (45+58)1:05.5019:07.22
3James Madison88.511+15+18.5+18.5+25.5 (35+37)33.0019:10.40
4South Lakes1421+6+28+46+61 (63+65)3:05.0019:18.00
5Colonial Forge143.52+16+34+44+47.5 (55+77)2:02.0019:24.32
6Western Branch High School1619.5+25.5+29+41+56 (67+74)1:30.9019:39.41
7James W. Robinson173.57+12+47.5+53+54 (57+62)1:37.0019:43.60
8Oakton18021+27+40+43+49 (51+59)48.0019:46.08
9Cosby18820+22+30+52+64 (71+75.5)1:26.0019:51.19
10Ocean Lakes23717+38+42+68+72 (73+81)1:58.8220:09.61
11Cox295.524+60+66+70+75.5 (80+84)1:54.0420:38.06
12Riverbend High School31236+50+69+78+79 (82+83)1:57.9020:51.92