6A Virtual State Meet: Is The Branch Dynasty Over?

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Girls' Virtual Meet

You can have great sprinters or a dynasty of distance runners and only put a dent in the Branch point total. Until someone brings the heat in the jumps and hurdles though it seems like Western Branch will continue their winning ways. 

Team Scores
		                    Girls - Team Rankings - 15 Events Scored                    
   1) Western Branch High Scho 143          2) West Springfield         56        
   3) South Lakes              51           4) Osbourn Park             33        
   5) Chantilly                27           6) South County High School 22        
   7) Grassfield               21           8) James W. Robinson        20        
   9) C.D. Hylton              18          10) Lake Braddock            16        
  11) Herndon                  16          12) Tallwood                 14        
  13) McLean                   14          14) Westfield                14        
  15) Cox                      12          16) Langley                  12        
  17) T.C. Williams High Schoo 11          18) James Madison            11        
  19) Battlefield              11          20) Patriot High School      10        
  21) Colgan High School       10          22) Woodbridge               7         
  23) Oscar Smith High School  5           24) Landstown High School    4         
  25) Fairfax                  4           26) Cosby                    4         
  27) Oakton                   4           28) Colonial Forge           3         
  29) J.E.B. Stuart            3           30) Forest Park              3         
  31) Ocean Lakes              2           32) Hayfield Secondary Schoo 2         
  33) First Colonial           1           34) West Potomac             1         

Virtual Meet Rankings

55 Meter Dash

1Hannah Waller10South Lakes6.9410
2Shadajah Ballard11Western Branch High School7.068
3Na'Taja Ballard9Western Branch High School7.076
4Rebecca Thompson12C.D. Hylton7.145
5Jazmine Tilmon11Western Branch High School7.154
6Tamia Arnold10Tallwood7.163
7Olivia McGill12Battlefield7.162
8Jada Pierre9C.D. Hylton7.171

300 Meter Dash

1Hannah Waller10South Lakes38.7410
2Shadajah Ballard11Western Branch High School39.138
3Adriana Shockley11Western Branch High School39.676
4Na'Taja Ballard9Western Branch High School40.115
5Jessica Tucker12Western Branch High School40.704
6Shardonnay Nichols11Western Branch High School40.783
7Keishayla Warren11Western Branch High School41.092
8Mary Gregory10South Lakes41.251

500 Meter Dash

1Adriana Shockley11Western Branch High School1:15.5910
2Shardonnay Nichols11Western Branch High School1:16.038
3Mary Gregory10South Lakes1:16.796
4Olivia Duston12Herndon1:17.345
5Bahiyyah Barnes11Cosby1:18.084
6Keishayla Warren11Western Branch High School1:18.313
7Abla Samrhouni11Herndon1:18.652
8Jada Harris12Western Branch High School1:18.951

1,000 Meter Run

1Sarah Coleman11West Springfield2:55.9510
2Chase Kappeler11West Springfield2:57.818
3Adriana Shockley11Western Branch High School2:59.556
4Nicole Re11Chantilly3:01.665
5Olivia Duston12Herndon3:01.734
6Shardonnay Nichols11Western Branch High School3:02.703
7Meredith King10Ocean Lakes3:02.742
8Seneca Willen11James W. Robinson3:03.731

1,600 Meter Run

1Isabelle Gulgert11South Lakes5:04.6110
2Chase Kappeler11West Springfield5:09.428
3Seneca Willen11James W. Robinson5:10.816
4Sarah Coleman11West Springfield5:11.885
5Brielle Perry12Lake Braddock5:14.444
6Merrill Leak12James Madison5:14.563
7Anna Spear11Langley5:14.692
8Nicole Re11Chantilly5:15.211

3,200 Meter Run

1Lindsay Yentz12Patriot High School11:15.1210
2Elizabeth Wu12James Madison11:16.638
3Brielle Perry12Lake Braddock11:16.666
4Caroline Howley11McLean11:20.745
5Laura Webb11Woodbridge11:22.344
6Seneca Willen11James W. Robinson11:22.473
7Mckenzi Watkins11Colonial Forge11:28.842
8Amy Herrema10West Springfield11:29.371

55 Meter Hurdles

1Shadajah Ballard11Western Branch High School7.8710
2Adriana Shockley11Western Branch High School8.118
3Jazmine Tilmon11Western Branch High School8.146
4Tania Dunbar11Tallwood8.245
5Na'Taja Ballard9Western Branch High School8.254
6Kaylah Duke12Oscar Smith High School8.363
7Tamia Arnold10Tallwood8.382
8Keishayla Warren11Western Branch High School8.401

4x200 Meter Relay

1Western Branch High School1:38.9710
2C.D. Hylton1:43.008
3South Lakes1:43.916
4South County High School1:45.515
6Forest Park1:46.073
7Oscar Smith High School1:46.412

4x400 Meter Relay

1Western Branch High School3:47.4410
2South County High School3:59.498
3South Lakes4:00.286
5West Springfield4:05.694
7James W. Robinson4:07.442

4x800 Meter Relay

1West Springfield9:25.6210
2Western Branch High School9:31.108
3Lake Braddock9:47.676
4South County High School9:50.965
6James W. Robinson9:53.673
8West Potomac9:57.261

High Jump

1Sydney Banks11Osbourn Park5-910
2JaneAnne Tvedt11McLean5-68
3Cecelia Bacon12Chantilly5-46
4Claire Bailey12James W. Robinson5-45
5Ashley Smith10Osbourn Park5-24
6Maya Verma12J.E.B. Stuart5-23
7Josephine Allamby11Chantilly5-02
8Nayome Shipp9Colonial Forge5-01

Long Jump

1Nyla Ward11T.C. Williams High School19-510
2Skyler Reynolds11Osbourn Park19-0.58
3Sarah Little12Cox18-6.56
4Megan Ogawa11Osbourn Park18-35
5Jada Pierre9C.D. Hylton18-14
6Destiny Copeland12Grassfield18-13
7Hannah Waller10South Lakes18-02
8Shadajah Ballard11Western Branch High School17-11.51

Pole Vault

1Hannah Robertson12West Springfield11-910
2Hannah Richardson10Langley10-98
3Destiny Boodhoo12Osbourn Park10-86
4Lauren Anderson12Westfield10-65
5Emery Poulsen11South County High School10-34
6Marisa Bermudez12Woodbridge10-03
7Amy Wen12Langley9-62
8Erin Batik11First Colonial9-01

Shot Put

1Ebonie Whitted12Grassfield45-0.510
2Destiny Ball12Battlefield42-38
3Tayelor Thrasher12Westfield40-8.756
4Chelsea Wallace12Grassfield40-35
5Jasmine Crawley12Landstown High School40-04
6Jenae Bowers11Grassfield38-83
7Taylor Thrasher-walker12Westfield37-52
8Courtney Holford11T.C. Williams High School37-51

Triple Jump

1Grace Yeboah-Kodie12Colgan High School37-1110
2Cecelia Bacon12Chantilly36-78
3Sarah Little12Cox36-66
4Imani Gaston11Western Branch High School36-55
5Tania Dunbar11Tallwood36-54
6Raven Goodman12Western Branch High School36-33
7Raquel Pauly11Hayfield Secondary School36-0.752
8JaneAnne Tvedt11McLean35-11.751