VISAA State Championships Virtual Meets by Division

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Division 1 Girls 

Girls D1 Team Scores:

1Saint Catherine's134.5
4Paul VI Catholic56.5
5St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School51
6The Potomac School49
7Trinity Episcopal School45
8Norfolk Academy42.5
9Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School25
10Bishop O'Connell24
11Flint Hill School18
12St. Gertrude5
13Bishop Ireton4
14St. Anne's-Belfield School1

Girls D1 Virtual Meet:

100 Meter Dash

1Olivia Newsome2018Norfolk Academy12.51 10
2Bridget Fitzsimon2018Paul VI Catholic12.62 8
3Jackie Fraley2018Flint Hill School12.79 6
4Chandler Eddleton2020Collegiate12.86 5
5Nina Moore2020Episcopal12.95 4
6Jailah Channer2020Saint Catherine's12.96 3
7Reny Horner2018Saint Catherine's13.01 2
8Willa Shannon2020Saint Catherine's13.14 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Olivia Newsome2018Norfolk Academy25.87 10
2Logan Carter2019Trinity Episcopal School26.40 8
3Willa Shannon2020Saint Catherine's26.43 6
4Bridget Fitzsimon2018Paul VI Catholic26.58 5
5Hannah Ballowe2019Saint Catherine's26.72 4
6Chandler Eddleton2020Collegiate26.76 3
7Jackie Fraley2018Flint Hill School26.84 2
8Nina Moore2020Episcopal26.92 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Catherine Hyman2020The Potomac School56.98 10
2Logan Carter2019Trinity Episcopal School57.35 8
3Hannah Ballowe2019Saint Catherine's58.26 6
4Chandler Eddleton2020Collegiate59.11 5
5Bridget Fitzsimon2018Paul VI Catholic59.69 4
6Margot Labrecque2019The Potomac School59.79 3
7Archer Gurkin2020Saint Catherine's1:01.31 2
8Annie Dunlop2019Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School1:02.33 1
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800 Meter Run

1Alli Boehm2020Episcopal2:17.94 10
2Audrey Androus2018St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School2:17.97 8
3Hannah Ballowe2019Saint Catherine's2:18.37 6
4Paige Hathaway2018Episcopal2:19.09 5
5Annie Dunlop2019Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School2:21.08 4
6Isabel Morris2018The Potomac School2:22.36 3
7Rachel Kreitzer2018Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School2:22.51 2
8Izzy Lebey2018Collegiate2:24.26 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Hannah Ballowe2019Saint Catherine's5:04.20 10
2Audrey Androus2018St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School5:13.99 8
3Annie Dunlop2019Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School5:16.90 6
4Tess Brinkmann2021Bishop O'Connell5:19.27 5
5Raphaella Henson Vendrell2018Paul VI Catholic5:20.01 4
6Ellie Thurneysen2020Paul VI Catholic5:20.37 3
7Rachel Kreitzer2018Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School5:20.60 2
8Anne Heaton Noble2020Saint Catherine's5:25.17 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Mary Kehoe2021Trinity Episcopal School11:18.73 10
2Ellie Thurneysen2020Paul VI Catholic11:41.40 8
3Izzy Lebey2018Collegiate11:42.26 6
4Tess Brinkmann2021Bishop O'Connell11:44.49 5
5Kathryn Sutherland2022Collegiate11:52.65 4
6Nicole Manning2018The Potomac School11:56.11 3
7Maddy Watkins2019Collegiate12:05.98 2
8Claire Garster2018Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School12:08.09 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Nyia Cummings2020St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School45.55 10
2Emily Mendelson2018Collegiate47.27 8
3Dawn Farquharson2018Episcopal47.36 6
4Jahsaiah Moses2019Episcopal47.45 5
5Willa Shannon2020Saint Catherine's47.67 4
6Maggie Turner2021Trinity Episcopal School48.99 3
7Jackie Fraley2018Flint Hill School49.49 2
8Tamara Eddy2019Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School49.55 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Episcopal50.29 10
2Paul VI Catholic50.55 8
3Saint Catherine's50.82 6
4Collegiate51.90 5
5St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School52.14 4
6Flint Hill School52.71 3
7Trinity Episcopal School53.34 2
8Bishop Ireton53.36 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Saint Catherine's4:02.39 10
2The Potomac School4:04.70 8
3Episcopal4:06.79 6
4Paul VI Catholic4:10.19 5
5St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School4:13.13 4
6Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School4:18.10 3
7Flint Hill School4:18.56 2
8Collegiate4:23.35 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Saint Catherine's9:41.33 10
2Episcopal9:46.33 8
3Paul VI Catholic9:56.67 6
4Collegiate10:01.19 5
5The Potomac School10:10.86 4
6Flint Hill School10:15.21 3
7Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School10:26.03 2
8St. Anne's-Belfield School10:26.53 1
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High Jump

1Jailah Channer2020Saint Catherine's5-2 9
1Kailyn Shepherd2019Episcopal5-2 9
3Brianna Williams2018Episcopal5-0 6
4Eliza Stone2022Collegiate4-10 3
4Emily Smith2021St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School4-10 3
4Grace Stratford2018Collegiate4-10 3
4Jessica Hall2018Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School4-10 3
4Kenya Minor2018Collegiate4-10 3
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Long Jump

1Olivia Newsome2018Norfolk Academy18-1 10
2Jailah Channer2020Saint Catherine's17-9.25 8
3Serena Davis2018Bishop O'Connell16-6 6
4Hannah Towler2018Norfolk Academy16-5.5 5
5Morgan Williams2019Trinity Episcopal School16-4.5 4
6Senia Cade2020Bishop Ireton16-2.5 3
7Reny Horner2018Saint Catherine's16-2.25 2
8Kristen Jones2018Paul VI Catholic15-11 1
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Triple Jump

1Morgan Williams2019Trinity Episcopal School35-2.5 10
2Jailah Channer2020Saint Catherine's34-4.25 8
3Emily Mendelson2018Collegiate33-8.5 6
4Serena Davis2018Bishop O'Connell33-7 5
5Hannah Towler2018Norfolk Academy33-1.5 4
6Reny Horner2018Saint Catherine's32-6 3
7Ashley D'Ambrosia2021Collegiate32-5.5 1.5
7Sydney Beverly2020Norfolk Academy32-5.5 1.5
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Pole Vault

1Anjali Mead2022Saint Catherine's11-0 10
2Anna Hubbard2018Saint Catherine's9-6 7
2Emily Mendelson2018Collegiate9-6 7
4Ashley D'Ambrosia2021Collegiate9-0 4.5
4Naja Wilson2018Saint Catherine's9-0 4.5
6Catherine Horner2022Collegiate8-0 3
7Sydney Beverly2020Norfolk Academy7-0 2
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1Jodie Kuo2020The Potomac School116-4.75 10
2Jody Kuo2020The Potomac School103-10 8
3Kalli Wagnon2019Saint Catherine's102-1 6
4Mya Goree2018Episcopal99-5 5
5Makeda Melkie2019St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School98-8 4
6Sadie Woodhouse2020Collegiate90-2 2.5
6Sydney Avoletta2020Paul VI Catholic90-2 2.5
8Cora Thomas2020Paul VI Catholic89-4 1
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Shot Put

1Jadyn Chandler2018St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School36-1 10
2Sadie Woodhouse2020Collegiate35-2.5 8
3Mya Goree2018Episcopal34-4 6
4Lexi Lamb2018St. Gertrude34-1.5 5
5Naja Wilson2018Saint Catherine's33-2.25 4
6Lauren Collins2020Bishop O'Connell31-9 3
7Eliza Woodfin2019Saint Catherine's30-7.5 2
8Julianne McHenry2019Paul VI Catholic30-5 1
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