VHSL Group 6A State Indoor T&F Championships 2017

  • Todd Barborek
    Anyone know why this schedule for Field Events does NOT agree with the VHSL schedule posted on their site?
    Looks like all field events have the 5A and 6A events reversed.
    So which is it?
  • Brandon Miles
    Site Admin
    Correct schedule is now on the site's meet page. Also below.

    Facility opens 7:30am
    Coaches - Packet Pick-up
    Field Events:
    9:00 am
    5A Boys High Jump, 6A Boys High Jump, 5A Girls High Jump, 6A Girls High Jump*
    6A Boys Triple Jump, 5A Boys Triple Jump, 6A Girls Triple Jump, 5A Girls Triple Jump*
    5A Boys Shot Put, 6A Boys Shot Put, 5A Girls Shot put, 6A Girls Shot Put*
    6A Girls Pole Vault, 5A Girls Pole Vault, 6A Boys Pole Vault, 5A Boys Pole Vault
    *Events follow one after another, 40 minute warm-up between each event.
    Friday Running Events:
    4:30 pm 5A Girls 55 Hurdles Semis** (2)
    4:40 pm 6A Girls 55 Hurdles Semis** (2)
    4:50 pm 5A Boys 55 Hurdles Semis** (2)
    5:00 pm 6A Boys 55 Hurdles Semis** (2)
    5:10 pm 5A Girls 55 Dash Semis** (3)
    5:20 pm 6A Girls 55 Dash Semis** (3)
    5:30 pm 5A Boys 55 Dash Semis** (3)
    5:40 pm 6A Boys 55 Dash Semis** (3)
    6:00 pm 5A Girls 4x800 Relay (2)
    6:30 pm 6A Girls 4x800 Relay (2)
    7:00 pm 5A Boys 4x800 Relay (2)
    7:30 pm 6A Boys 4x800 Relay (2)
    **All running events will have 5A going first followed by 6A
    **All sprint finals will be two heat finals.

    Facility Opens 7:00 am
    Coaches Meeting 7:30-If Needed
    Field Events:
    8:00 am
    5A Girls Long Jump followed by 6A Girls Long Jump* Pit 1.
    6A boys Long Jump followed by 5A Boys Long Jump* Pit 2
    * We will be using two pits Saturday only for both Long Jumps.

    *Events follow one after another, 40 minute warm-up between each event.
    Running Events:
    Noon 5A Girls 55 Hurdles Finals (2)
    6A Girls 55 Hurdles Finals (2)
    12:15 pm 5A Boys 55 Hurdles Finals (2)
    6A Girls 55 Hurdles Finals (2)
    12:30 pm 5A Girls 55 Dash Finals (2)
    6A Girls 55 Dash Finals (2)
    12:40 pm 5A Boys 55 Dash Finals (2)
    6A Boys 55 Dash Finals (2)
    12:50 pm 5A Girls 4x200 Relay Final (3)
    6A Girls 4x200 Relay Final (3)
    1:15 pm 5A Boys 4x200 Relay Final (3)
    6A Boys 4x200 Relay Final (3)
    1:40 pm 5A Girls 1600 Run Final (1)
    6A Girls 1600 Run Final (1)
    2:00 pm 5A Boys 1600 Run Final (1)
    6A Boys 1600 Run Final (1)
    2:20 pm 5A Girls 500 Run Final (3)
    6A Girls 500 Run Final (3)
    2:40 pm 5A Boys 500 Run Final (3)
    6A Boys 500 Run Final (3)
    3:00 pm 5A Girls 1000 Run Final (2)
    6A Girls 1000 Run Final (2)
    3:15 pm 5A Boys 1000 Run Final (2)
    6A Boys 1000 Run Final (2)
    3:30 pm 5A Girls 300 Dash Final (3)
    6A Girls 300 Dash Final (3)
    3:45 pm 5A Boys 300 Dash Final (3)
    6A Boys 300 Dash Final (3)
    4:00 pm 5A Girls 3200 Run Final (1)
    6A Girls 3200 Run Final (1)
    4:30 pm 5A Boys 3200 Run Final (1)
    6A Boys 3200 Run Final (1)
    5:00 pm 5A Girls 4x400 Relay Final (3)
    6A Girls 4x400 Relay Final (3)
    5:30 pm 5A Boys 4x400 Relay Final (3)
    6A Boys 4x400 Relay Final (3)
    6:00 pm Team Awards
  • User
    Why isn't there any live coverage of the field events??? Only the running events are being live streamed. My grandson is a triple jumper and I would of liked to see him jump at States.
  • User
    @jackson5406 I trust that you have been to a track meet before, yes? Well there are at least 4 field events across two classifications this afternoon and evening.

    How do you propose the field events are covered? We are lucky to get a live feed of the meet to begin with.
  • User
    Hi. Yes, I have been to track meets. All I was saying is that the field events began at 9am, (my grandson was done triple jumping at 11am) and the running events didn't start until 4:30pm, something could of been arranged. And yes, I'm glad they are live streaming the state championship.