Kenneth Williams - Greatest Range Ever?

  • Brandon Miles
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    Maybe some of the long-time coaches and old-timers can help me out but trying to remember or find any past Virginia high school athlete with similar range of Woodrow Wilson's Kenneth Williams? Its impressive in particular that he can be as good in the short sprints with his national caliber 55 dash and be able to run a 1:55 800. The two events require two different types of athletes to be successful. Obviously we have had some distance guys such as Alan Webb who can run a fast quarter and maybe a decent 300 but running even a state meet qualifier in the 200 seems to be a reach for them.

    55 Meter Dash - 6.45
    100 Meter Dash - 10.80
    200 Meter Dash - 21.79
    300 Meter Dash - 35.35
    400 Meter Dash - 47.39
    500 Meter Dash - 1:05.02
    800 Meter Run - 1:55.73
    1600 Meter Run - 5:00.15
  • Trevor McPherson
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    @MileStat Falanzo Perry, Tallwood C/O 1998. I can't remember all his exact pr's, but most of them are still on the record board there. Off the top of my head:
    100m: 10.7
    200m: 21.xx
    300m: 34.xx
    400m: 47.xx
    500m: 1:04.xx
    800m: 1:57
    110mH: 13.8
    300mH: 37.xx
    LJ: 22'
    HJ: 6'4"

    Most monstrous athlete I've ever had the pleasure of being around.
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    Talking specifically about range on the track to run different distances at a high level. Not the versatility to do multiple disciplines of track (sprint/hurdle/jump/throw/vault).
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    @ilk2run I agree. During track season last year, I was impressed when I found out Mo had qualified for regionals in both cross country (as an individual) and the 55 dash during his senior year. Many of the better male 1600 runners on my team have never gone below 58 (or even 60) in the 400.
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    James Taylor

    55 Meter Dash 6.26
    100 Meter Dash 10.61
    200 Meter Dash 21.15
    300 Meter Dash 33.88
    400 Meter Dash 47.12
    500 Meter Dash 1:04.33
    Long Jump 25-0

    Kenneth Williams

    55 Meter Dash 6.45
    100 Meter Dash 10.80
    200 Meter Dash 21.79
    300 Meter Dash 35.35
    400 Meter Dash 47.39
    500 Meter Dash 1:05.02
    Long Jump 21-10
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    Alisha Royal
    44.35 300
    60 400
    2:20 800
    3:01 1000
    5:10 1600
    11:35 3200
    18:47 5k
    high jump 4-9
    A pretty solid range... and 3.8 GPA.
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    There is no debate - even though some of the males in the state have put down some inpressive combinations of running events in the last few years no one comes close to Linda Portasik of Fort Hunt High School. She didn't just run an impressive time in an invitational in an event she did not usually run but ran against some of the all-time best runners in Virginia History at the state meet. I doubt if you will see some of the sprinters with great range compete in the state meet in the 1600 just as Allen Webb did not venture down into the sprints when he ran in the state meet.

    Linda Portasik is the only athlete, male or female, to compete in all but one of the individual running events at the State Meet. (The exception was the Two Mile Run which was not an event in the state meet until the last two years of her high school career)

    She not only competed in these events but either won or set State Meet records in each of them. (the 100 yard dash record she set in the semi final of the 1976 state meet was ruled wind aided – she only placed third in the final)


    3rd 100 Yard Dash 10.7
    1st 440 Yard Dash 55.7 (meet record)
    1st 220 Yard Dash 24.0


    3rd 80 Yard Hurdles 10.5 (set record in semi)
    1st 440 Yard Dash set record 55.0
    3rd 220 Yard Dash 25.0 (set record 24.5 in semi)


    3rd 440 Yard Dash 56.78
    1st 880 Yard Run set record 2:10.13


    1st Mile Run set record 4:50.3 - first girl to break 5:00 at the state meet
    1st 880 Yard Run 2:11.7

    National Rankings (Based on Track and Field News and High School Track)

    1 80 Yard Hurdles 10.2 1977
    9 440 Yard Dash 55.0 1977
    7 880 Yard Run 2:07.1 1978
    7 Mile Run 4:49.7 1979
    2 1500 Meter Run 4:21.0 1979

    If you want to keep it with just the guys do not leave out Rickey Harris of Centreville