Meet Information


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Admission:$7.00 adults/$3.00 children ages 7-12

Friday- May 19, 2017
1:30 pm- Packet pick-up at the Stadium
2:00 pm-Certification of Implements, Boys/Girls Pole Vault
2:30 pm-Coaches Meeting in Clerking area

3:00 pm-Field Events
Girls Triple Jump followed by Boys
Boys Long Jump followed by Girls
Boys Pole Vault followed by Girls
Boys Discus followed by Girls
Girls Shot Put followed by Boys
Girls High Jump followed by Girls

Running Events
3:30 pm- 4X800M RELAY (G) -FINALS
3:45 pm- 4X800M RELAY (B)-FINALS
5:15 pm- 100M Hurdles (G) FINALS
5:25 pm- 110M Hurdles (B) FINALS
5:35 pm- 100M DASH (G) FINALS
5:40 pm- 100M DASH (B) FINALS
5:50 pm- 1,600M RUN (G) FINALS
6:00 pm- 1,600M RUN (B) FINALS
6:10 pm- 4 X 100M RELAY (G) FINALS
6:15 pm- 4 X 100M RELAY (B) FINALS
6:20 pm- 400M DASH (G) - FINALS
6:25 pm- 400M DASH (B) - FINALS
6:30 pm- 300M Hurdles (G) -FINALS
6:40 pm- 300M Hurdles (B)- FINALS
6:45 pm- 800M RUN (G) FINALS
6:55 pm- 800M RUN (B)FINALS
7:05 pm- 200M DASH (G) FINALS
7:15 pm- 200M DASH (B) FINALS
7:25 pm- 3,200M Run (G)-FINALS
7:40 pm- 3,200M Run (B)- FINALS
7:55 pm- 4 X 400M RELAY (G) FINALS
8:00 pm- 4 X 400M RELAY (B) FINALS