VHSL Group 5A North Regional Outdoor T&F Championships

Stafford, VA

Meet Information

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2016 Region 5A North
Outdoor Track and Field Championship

Date, Site, Time: Tuesday/Wednesday, May 23rd, & 24th, 2017 @ UVA

Field Events: Day 2 May 24th @ 10:30 AM
Girls and Boys Long Jump
Girls Discus
Girls and Boys High Jump
Boys Shot Put
Boys and Girls Pole Vault

Day 2 May 24th @ 12:30 PM
Girls and Boys Triple Jump (30 min after Long Jump)
Girls Shot Put
Boys Discus

Running Events: Day 1 May 23rd 5:00 PM
Girls 4X800 Relay Final
Boys 4x800 Relay Final

Day 2May 24th 9:30 AM
Girls and Boys 3200m run Final
Boys then Girls 100 meter dash Trials
Boys then Girls 100/110 meter hurdles Trials
Day 2 - 12:00 PM (Girls then Boys)
Finals for all remaining events

Director: Dave Davis

Admission: General Admission is $7.00. Gates will open at 3:45 PM on Tuesday and 8:30 AM on Wednesday.

Athlete Entrance: Athletes will enter the gate at the far end of the track by the shed.
Athletes may enter the gate at 3:45 PM on Tuesday and 8:15 Am on Wednesday.

Passes: The Northern Region Council pass policy will apply. No passes from individual schools will be honored.

Entry Deadline: All entries must be submitted by Friday, May 19th at 5:00 PM, via Mile Stat.

Scoring: 10 – 8 – 6 - 5 – 4 –3 - 2 – 1 for all events.

Awards: Championship Plaques to first place teams
Medals for 1st through 3rd places – Individual events
Relays, 1st through 3rd places medals.
Medals can be picked up at the awards table by the shed.

Entries: Top 6 in individual events from Region meet plus any athletes with a verified state qualifying performance. Top 6 relay from Region meet plus any other teams with a verified state qualifying performance.

Event Limitation: The declaration rule will be in effect for the Region Championship.

Standards: Provided by you Conference

Note: The one minute rule will apply in all field events. Minimum Pole vault standards 15

Scratches: Any scratches in any seeded or sectioned event following the coaches meeting will not disqualify an individual from all subsequent running events but it will count as one of the three max running events per the Declaration Rule.

Reporting Each contestant in a running event shall report to the Clerking area by the 1st call.

Call for Events: First Call 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of event.
Second Call 10 minutes prior to the scheduled time of event
Third Call 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the event.

Track: Flats or ¼ spikes may be used. No other type of spike may be worn. BLOCKS will be provided. There is a warm up area around the track.

Field Events: Opening heights and progression will be determined by meet management after entries are closed and the performance list is generated. Shot and Discus weigh in will be by the shed. Pole Vault weigh-in and certification will be at the event site.

Uniforms: Participants will be required to wear school issued team uniforms while competing.

In relay events each team member shall wear the same color and design school uniform Jersey & trunks. Any visible garment worn by two or more team members under the uniform top and/or underneath the uniform bottom, extending below the knees, shall be unadorned and of the same single, solid color, but not necessary the same length.

Rules: No coach will be allowed on the track or in the infield during any field or running event once the competition has started. There will be a coaching area for field events.
No one is allowed into the Baseball Stadium.

Electronic Devices: No electronic devices are allowed in the competition area, which is inside of the fence.
Electronic Devices may be used in unrestricted areas and the coaching boxes, providing the location does not interfere with progress of the meet as determined by the meet referee.
Field Event Officials

Each school will be in charge of providing event officials and event helpers for the field events. There will be two schools per field event so between the two schools the following should be provided:

For LJ, TJ, SP, DS:
1 official per school (adult)
2 student helpers per school (raking and pulling tape, returning implements)

For HJ and PV
1 official per school
1 student helper per school (putting up bar setting standards)

Listed below are the field event assignments:

Field Events:
Girls Long Jump: Thomas Edison and North Stafford
Girls Triple Jump:Patrick Henry (Ashland) and Massaponax
Girls High Jump: Albemarle and Orange
Girls Shot Put: Wakefield and Briar Woods
Girls Discus: Potomac Falls and Stone Bridge
Girls Pole Vault: Mountain View and Patrick Henry (Roanoke)Boys Long Jump: Atlee and Halifax County
Boys Triple Jump:Potomac and Falls Church
Boys High Jump: Broad Run and J.E.B. Stuart
Boys Shot Put: Marshall and Stafford
Boys Discus: Brooke Point and Tuscarorra
Boys Pole Vault: Thomas Jefferson and R.E. Lee

2016 Region 5A North
Outdoor Track and Field Championship
Event schedule below is a copy of last year


Tuesday 5/24/16 - Starts at 5:00PM at UVA- enter gate by the shed beginning at 3:45PM

5:00 PM Girls 4x800 Relay Finals
5:25 PM Boys 4x800 Relay Finals

Wednesday 5/25/16 - Starts at 10:30 AM at UVA (scheduled) – enter gate by shed beginning at 8:15AM

9:00 AM Coaches’ Meeting at finish line

Event Round

10:30 AM Women Long Jump Finals
10:30 AM Women High Jump Finals
10:30 AM Women Discus Throw Finals
10:30 AM Men Long Jump Finals
10:30 AM Men Shot Put Finals
10:30 AM Men Pole Vault Finals
10:30 PM Women Pole Vault Finals
10:30 AM Men High Jump Finals
12:30 PM Women Triple Jump (30 minutes after LJ) Finals
12:30 PM Women Shot Put Finals
12:30 PM Men Triple Jump (30 minutes after LJ) Finals
12:30 PM Men Discus Throw Finals

RUNNING EVENTS: We will go no more than 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

9:30 AM Women 3200 Meter Run (1 Section) Finals
9:50AM Men 3200 Meter Run (1 Section) Finals
10:30 AM Men 100 Meter Dash Prelims
10:45 AM Women 100 Meter Dash Prelims
11:00 AM Men 110 Meter Hurdles Prelims
11:15 AM Women 100 Meter Hurdles Prelims


12:00 PM Women 100 Meter Hurdles Finals
12:10 PM Men 110 Meter Hurdles Finals
12:15 PM Women 100 Meter Dash Finals
12:20 PM Men 100 Meter Dash Finals
12:25 PM Women 1600 Meter Run (2 sections)* Finals
12:40 PM Men 1600 Meter Run (2 sections)* Finals
12:55 PM Women 4x100 Meter Relay Finals
1:10 PM Men 4x100 Meter Relay Finals
1:15 PM Women 400 Meter Dash Finals
1:30 PM Men 400 Meter Dash Finals
1:45 PM Women 300 Meter Hurdles Finals
2:00 PM Men 300 Meter Hurdles Finals
2:15 PM Women 800 Meter Run (3 sections) Finals
2:35 PM Men 800 Meter Run (3 sections) Finals
2:50 PM Women 200 Meter Dash Finals
3:05PM Men 200 Meter Dash Finals
3:35 PM Women 4x400 Meter Relay Finals
3:50 PM Men 4x400 Meter Relay Finals