Crooked Road Conference Championships (Conference 47)

Glade Spring, VA

Meet Information

Registration help:

Crooked Road Conference Track and Field Championships - 2017

3 entries per individual event. You may have more than 3 entries but, if more than 3, all must have met the Conference Qualifying Standard

Host School: Patrick Henry High School - Glade Spring, Va
Directors: Mark Love - Head Girls Track Coach - Patrick Henry
Phone - 276-739-3700 Cell - 276-685-3305
Tim Burke - Head Boys Track Coach - Patrick Henry
Phone - 276-739-3700
Mark Palmer - Athletic Director - Patrick Henry
Phone - 276-739-3721
E-mail -
Coaches - Please e-mail me (Mark Love) at the address above once you receive this so I will have your e-mail and be able to get in contact with you if I need to before the meet.

Participants - Girls and Boys track teams from the Crooked Road Conference (Conference 47) Council, Holston, Honaker, Hurley, Northwood, Patrick Henry, and Twin Valley.

Admission - $5.00

Entries will also need to be entered on - Go to, click on calendar at the top of the page, and scroll down until you get to the Crooked Road Conference Meet (Conference 47) and enter your kids in their events.

Entry limits - Each school may only enter 3 athletes per individual event and one relay team per relay event. You can enter more athletes in individual events as long as all have met the conference standard for that particular event.

Entry Deadline - The deadline for getting your entries in will be Friday, May 12th, 2017, at 3:00 p.m. The entries online will close at 3:00 p.m. and you will no longer be able to enter your kids after that time.

Time Schedule:

4:30 - Coaches Meeting

5:00 - Girls Discus, Boys Shot, Girls High Jump, Girls and Boys Long Jump, followed by Girls Shot, Boys Discus, Boys High Jump, and Girls and Boys Triple Jump.

5:30 - National Anthem - 1st call for the 4 x 800 relay. Finals only in all running events. We will be on a rolling time schedule once the running events start. So the schedule below is not set in stone. If we can go faster, we will.

5:40 - Girls and Boys 4 x 800 meter relay We will do this event during the field events If not, it will be the first running event after field events are completed.

6:00 - Girls 100 Hurdles

6:10 - Boys 110 Hurdles

6:15 - Girls 100 meters

6:20 - Boys 100 meters

6:25 - Girls 1600 meters

6:35 - Boys 1600 meters

6:45 - Girls 4 x 100 meter relay

6:50 - Boys 4 x 100 meter relay

6:55 - Girls 400 meters

7:05 - Boys 400 meters

7:15 - Girls 300 meter hurdles

7:20 - Boys 300 meter hurdles

7:25 - Girls 800 meters

7:35 - Boys 800 meters

7:45 - Girls 200 meters

7:50 - Boys 200 meters

7:55 - Girls 3200 meters

8:10 - Boys 3200 meters

8:25 - Girls 4 x 400 meter relay

8:35 - Boys 4 x 400 meter relay

8:45 - Awards

Trainer - A certified athletic trainer will be on site.

Buses - Buses will park in the parking lot behind the field house.

Facilities - Bathrooms are located in the new building to the left of the concession stand.

Bull Pen - The bullpen will be located between the high jump and the discus cage on the east end of the field near the long and triple jump runways. Athletes must report to the bullpen by the 2nd call.

Timing - Timing will be FAT and will be done by Brian Buckner of Slipstream timing. Results will be announced as well as posted on the concession stand. We will not give the athletes their times at the finish line. Results will be posted on milestat and after the meet.

Finish Line - All coaches, athletes, and spectators are instructed to stay away from the finish line area. Anyone walking near the camera might cause it to not work correctly. Coaches can be in the grass on the football field but keep your distance from the camera. If you have a question about results please come to the scoring booth.

Race Results - The top 6 individuals in each event plus the top 3 relay teams will advance to the 1A West Region Meet. Also, any individual not placing in the top 6 at the conference meet but have met the 1A West Region qualifying standard for their event will also qualify. If you need a copy of the Region qualifying standards just e-mail me and I will send you a copy. State qualifying standards can be found at

Awards - The top 6 indivuduals will receive ribbons. The top 3 relay teams will receive ribbons. The top two teams will receive trophies.

1A West Region Meet - The Region Meet will be held at Radford High School, Saturday, May 27TH, 2017. Entries for the Region Meet will be done online on Milestat. There will be information in your packets regarding entering your qualifying athletes online.

Running off Field Events: We might need the help of coaches to help with field events. If we do, I will send an e-mail letting you know what we will need.