Meet Information

Registration help: 2017 Concorde ConferenceOutdoor Track and Field ChampionshipDate:May 18 & 19, 2017Director:Terri Towle, DSA, Westfield High SchoolKyle Simmons, ADSA Westfield High SchoolSite:Westfield High School4700 Stonecroft Blvd.Chantilly, VA 20151Entry Deadline:Sunday, May 14th; email a copy of your Mile Stat entry to Your Mile Stat entry serves as your official entry form. Your entry is due into Mile Stat by 4 pm on Sunday May 14. Please double check your entries before sending them!Performance list will be sent to all head coaches at 9pm Sunday night. Scratches:We will continue with blind scratches, all scratches are due Monday, May 15th by 2:00 PM Late scratches will not be accepted. Monday May 15th at 2pm your entries are FINAL, thus all athletes will be declared at that time. There will be an information meeting Monday, May 15th at 7 PM in the Drivers Ed room at Westfield High School. Pre-Season Meeting:No meeting, coaches will send out emails as necessary.Standards:See attached sheetEntries:Each school may enter three individuals in each event. However, a school may enter more than three individuals in an event provided that all individuals entered in that event meet the District Standard.*****IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PRINCIPALS VOTE IN JUNE OF 1996THERE IS NO LONGER ANY REQUIREMENT FOR DUAL MEET PARTICIPATION BY AN ATHLETE. THE NEW RULE IS: EVERY ATHLETE ENTERED IN THE DISTRICT MEET, MUST BE ENTERED WITH A LEGITIMATE, VERIFIABLE TIME, HEIGHT, OR DISTANCE IN THAT EVENT, WHICH WAS ACHIEVED AT SOME TIME DURING THIS CURRENT SEASON IN AN OFFICIALLY SCHEDULED MEET. Request for an exemption to this rule must be made in writing to the meet director by noon on May 5thAdmission:$7.00Equipment:Each school will provide its own batons, shot, discus, and vaulting poles. Starting blocks will be provided.Rules:2017 edition National Federation Rule Book and the 15-16 edition of the VHSL handbook.Note:The one and one-half minute rule will apply in all field events; this does not include the pole vault.Scoring:10-8-6-4-2-1Calls for Events:First Call 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time of eventSecond Call 10 minutes priorThird Call 5 minutes priorAthletes should report at First Call. In events run by heats, all starters must report to the clerk at the check-in area before the first heat is run. Failure to report at the time will result in a scratch. Each individual declared for participate must actually participate.Scratches:Each contestant in a running event shall report to the clerk of the course by the third call. Failure to report by the third call will result in a scratch. All individuals declared for participation at the deadline set by the director will have those events count toward their participation limit as specified in rule 84-4-7 (10) whether they compete in them or not. (The deadline is the scratch deadline of 2pm Monday May 15th. ) If an athlete is excused from an event by the certified trainer on site, or a physician, that athlete will be eligible for any and all other events entered unless the certified trainer or physician determines that the athletes health would be in danger with any further participation. No event in the meet is to be delayed because a participant is engaged in another event. If a contestant is entered in a field event, which conflicts with the time schedule with a track event in which he is entered, he shall make advance arrangements with the official in charge of the field event to postpone his trials until after the track event has been run. No track event will be delayed to accommodate a contestant competing in a field event.IndividualParticipation:In one meet, a contestant may compete in any number of field events, but shall be limited to participation in only three running events, except that a contestant who competes in the 3200 meter run may compete in no more than one other running event. In any meet held over two days, a contestant competing in the 3200 meter run may compete in two additional running events as long as only one of the two additional races is contested on the same day as the 3200 meter run.Uniforms:Please read and know the Uniform rules related to Section 3 Article 1-7. Team members shall wear the school uniform. A competitor must be in the proper track uniform and wearing his contestant number before he will be permitted to compete. Number, when worn, shall be attached to the front of the uniform.Control of the Field:Each coach is asked to keep his/her squad in the stands or on the hill. The infield, the track (once the meet starts) and the building are off limits except when an individual is competing or warming up. Athletes are only allowed in the locker room portion of the building. Violation could result in disqualification.Awards:Individual medals for all events will be awarded after theevent is completed. Team awards will be presented as soon as all results have been tabulated after the 1600 meter relayConference 5 May 18, 19 2017 Field Event Team Assignments*High Jump: RobinsonPole Vault: HerndonTriple Jump: CentrevilleShot Put: WestfieldDiscus: OaktonLong Jump: Chantilly*Any school that does not fulfill their field event responsibility will be fined $200 Concorde Conference Track & Field ChampionshipThursday, May 18th and Friday, May 19th Thursday, May 18th4:00 PMCoaches MeetingWeigh in Shot/DiscusCertify Pole Vaulter Weights4:30 PMGirls ShotBoys DiscusGirls Long JumpBoys Long JumpGirls High JumpGirls Pole Vault, followed by Boys Pole Vault (all events are Girls followed by Boys)6:00 PM100 Meter Dash Preliminaries if needed6:20 PM100/110 Meter High Hurdle Semifinals6:40 PM100 Meter Dash Semifinals7:00 PM3200 Meter Relay Finals 7:20 PM200 Meter Dash PreliminariesFriday, May 19th4:00 PMCoaches Meeting Weigh in Shot/Discus4:30 PMGirls DiscusBoys Shot PutGirls Triple JumpBoys Triple JumpBoys High Jump6:10 PMNational Anthem(all events are Girls followed by Boys)6:15 PM100/110 Meter High Hurdle Finals6:25 PM100 Meter Dash Finals6:35 PM1600 Meter Run (Sections on Time)7:05 PM400 Meter Relay (Sections on Time)7:25 PM400 Meter Dash (Sections on Time)7:45 PM300 Meter Intermediate Hurdle (Sections on Time) 8:15 PM800 Meter Run (Sections on Time)8:35 PM200 Meter Dash Finals8:45 PM3200 Meter Run (Sections on Time)9:15 PM1600 Meter Relay (Sections on Time)9:40 PMTeam Awards The meet will not run ahead. If the meet falls behind we will try to keep approximately the same time between events as listed above, but will not try and rush ahead to get back on schedule. We want the athletes to have an appropriate amount of time between their events.