Hoka One Local 2 mile and ES and MS Festival of Miles

Williamsburg, VA

Meet Information

Festival of Miles – Saturday, November 18th

Flyer with Full details: HOKA ONE 2 MILE FULL DETAIL FLYER

and 1 Mile Challenge

Open to all high school boys and girls – 2 Mile - USATF Sanctioned Event

SHIP Elementary School and Middle School 1 Mile Challenge

Free SHIP running Event for any youth athletes - USATF Sanctioned Event (1 mile free for all WJCC athletes)

Festival of Miles
Girls 2 Mile Time: Noon -$10.00

Boys 2 mile Time : 12:40pm -$10.00

Girls Elementary School 1 mile: 1:20pm - free WJCC ($5.00 for non WJCC students)

Boys Elementary School 1 mile: 1:40pm - free WJCC ($5.00 for non WJCC students)

Middle Girls School 1 mile 2:15pm - free WJCC ($5.00 for non WJCC students)

Middle School Boys 1 mile 2:30 pm –free WJCC ($5.00 for non WJCC students)

To Sign up Visit www.gwrun.org

Parent Waiver signed at meet or it can be submitted
submitted electronically at www.gwrun.org

All proceeds go to support Jamestown Cross Country and Track and Field

All races will be hand timed with 2 print timers and have a finish line judge. All races will be filmed. Results will be posted within 4 hours at www.gwrun.org