Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Will only accept the 1st 25 paid schools

[Wally Gilbert 2017 Invitational

Entry Fee:$$175.00 dollars per gender team or $225.00 dollars for both. $25.00 dollars per athlete and $25.00 dollars per relay team.

Registration closes on 12-04-17 at 9pm

All entry fees must be received in advance of the meet.A fifty dollar late fee will apply if paying same day of meet.

1/8 or 1/4 inch spikes are allowed

Athlete entries vary per event, 3 athletes per field events except pole vault (2). Running events :Dashes 4 entries,all other running events 3 entries

Medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each event except for relays.

Will be weighed. Beginning at 8:30.
Coaches Meeting:8:30

Seeding Heats:
Seeding heats will be from fast to slow

Starting Heights:
Pole Vault Girls-Starts at 6'8" then by 6 inches.
Pole Vault Boys - 9' 8' then by 6 inches.
High Jump Girls- 4'4" then by 2 inches.
High Jump Boys- 5'4" then by 2 inches.

Final Time Schedule (Rolling Schedule)

Field Events:
8:30 am Girls-PV followed by Boys

Girls -HJ followed by boys

Girls-SP followed by boys

Boys-LJ followed Girls

Girls-TJ followed by Boys

Running Events:
10:30 4x800m Relay Finals (Girls/Boys)
55 Meter H Timed Finals(Girls/Boys) (4 entries)
55 Meter Dash Timed Finals (Girls/Boys) (4 entries)
4x200 Meter Relay Finals (Girls/Boys)

1600m Run (Girls) (3)
1600m Run (Boys) (3)

500 Meter Dash Finals (Girls/Boys) (3)
1000 Meter Run Finals (Girls/Boys) (3)
300 Meter Dash Finals (Girls/Boys) (3)
3200m Run (Girls/Boys) (3)
4x400m Relay (Girls/Boys)