Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

FOR MEET AND ENTRY INFORMATION, PLEASE GO TO THE INDOOR TRACK PAGE AT VISAA.ORGENTRIES CLOSE 11:59 PM ON WEDNESDAY FEB. 14TH.WE DO NOT HAVE ONSITE PARKING FOR LARGE BUSES. DRIVERS OF LARGE BUSES MUST DROP AND GO.FIELD HOUSE DOORS WILL OPEN AT 9 AM. NO ONE WILL BE ADMITTED INTO THE FIELD HOUSE BEFORE THAT, PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS AN ADMISSIONS FEE FOR SPECTATORS.$10/INDIVIDUALS$30/FAMILY RATE (2 adults and children)UNDER 6 YEARS OF AGE ARE FREETIME SCHEDULE The meet will run according to the time schedule and will get no further ahead than 15 minutes unless weather conditions make it necessary to go to a rollingschedule.A rolling schedule will mean that each event will begin as soon as the previous event has been completed.10:00 ALL SCRATCHES FOR THE MORNING SECTIONS OF THE 3200M DUE10:30 GIRLS LONG JUMP, GIRLS POLE VAULT, BOYS LONGJUMP, BOYS HIGH JUMP, BOYS SHOT PUT11:30 GIRLS 55M HIGH HURDLES (SEMIFINALS)11:45 BOYS 55M HIGH HURDLES (SEMIFINALS)NOON GIRLS 55M DASH (SEMIFINALS), GIRLS TRIPLE JUMP, HIGH JUMP, SHOT PUT, BOYS TRIPLE JUMP, POLE VAULT12:15 BOYS 55M DASH (SEMIFINALS)12:30 GIRLS 4X 800M RELAY (SECTIONS ON TIME)12:45 BOYS 4 X 800M RELAY (SECTIONS ON TIME)1:00 GIRLS 55M HIGH HURDLES (FINALS)1:05 BOYS 55M HIGH HURDLES (FINALS)1:10 GIRLS 55M DASH (FINALS)1:15 BOYS 55M DASH (FINALS)1:20 GIRLS 1600M RUN (SECTIONS ON TIME)1:45 BOYS 1600M RUN (SECTIONS ON TIME)2:10 GIRLS 4 X 200M RELAY (SECTIONS ON TIME)2:25 BOYS 4 X 200M RELAY (SECTIONS ON TIME)2:40 GIRLS 500M DASH (SECTIONS ON TIME)3:00 BOYS 500M DASH (SECTIONS ON TIME)3:20 GIRLS 1000M RUN (SECTIONS ON TIME)3:40 BOYS 1000M RUN (SECTIONS ON TIME)4:00 GIRLS 300M DASH (SECTIONS ON TIME)4:20 BOYS 300M DASH (SECTIONS ON TIME)4:40 GIRLS 3200M RUN (SECTIONS ON TIME)5:00 BOYS 3200M RUN (SECTIONS ON TIME)5:20 GIRLS 4 X 400M RELAY (SECTIONS ON TIME)5:30 BOYS 4 X 400M RELAY (SECTIONS ON TIME)ATHLETES MAY NOT BE ENTERED INTO EVENTS FOR WHICH THEY HAVE NO MARK FROM THE 2016-2017 INDOOR SEASON. Entry marks are automatically submitted via Milestat database. Coaches may not override them but may enter athletes in events without a mark if they have a mark for that event that is not in the database. If that is the case, please cite the meet where the mark was achieved.Registration that these instructions are on the US Portal and you will have to return to your state site to actually find your team and enter the meet.INFORMATION AND RULES CAN BE FOUND AT:www.visaa.orgFollow the sports specific link to Boys or Girls Indoor Track, Forms and Info