Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

2018 Seminole District Indoor Championship

Hosted by Heritage H.S

Date: Saturday, January 27th at 09:00 am at

Heritage High School in Lynchburg, VA

*Teams will not be allowed into the building

until 8:00 am

Pole Vault: The pole vault will be contested on Thursday, January 25th at 6:30 pm

Warm-ups will begin at 6:00 pm. Girls followed

by Boys.

. Coaches will submit a weight and pole

verification form at the start of the competition. 

The form is part of this packet and will also be

available at Heritage the evening of the competition.

Director: Theodore McIvor, Heritage High



Cell: 434-382-7193

Eligibility: One (1) athlete per individual event and 1 relay team. More than one

(1) may be entered 
in individual events if all meet the District

qualifying standard. If you have more than 1 entry, please enter them on

milestat AND email all entries in the event to prior to

the entry deadline

. Please list each athlete's grade, seed time, distance

or height with the name and 
date of the meet in which the standard was met. Will use milestat to verify entries..


Entries will be made using milestat with Rod Camden in charge of entries.

Entries are due no later than Monday, January 22nd by

. Meet information is posted on the website. Milestat individual entry

limit is set at 3, if entering more than 3, email extra entries to (also due at 11:59pm)..

Any corrections, near qualifiers or scratches

must be emailed before noon on Wednesday, January 24th to Rod Camden at At this time entries will be final

Scratches only can be made at the coaches

meeting. No changes will be taken after 

noon on January 24th 

Coaches will turn in a Sportsmanship Form and an

Equipment Certification Form at the 

coaches meeting. The forms are part of this

packet. They will also be available at the 

coaches meeting.

Team Area: Teams are to set up in the cafeteria

area when not competing or warming up for an upcoming event. Any athlete caught

wandering through the school will be disqualified from the meet.

Entry Fee: Meet costs will be split evenly between all district schools. Each

school will need to 

provide workers for the meet. The assignments

are listed below.

LCA- Boys

and Girls PV

KGM Timers- FAT Timing


Boys and Girls HJ 


Check in and clerking

Liberty/LCA- Boys and Girls LJ 4 jumps

Amherst/ Brookville- Boys and Girls TJ 4 jumps


Boys and Girls SP 4 throws


Turns, Hand-off zones and Infield

Starting Heights:

Girls HJ: 4-02 Girls PV: 7-0

Boys HJ: 5-0 Boys PV: 8-0

*The starting heights will be adjusted if needed

based upon the field of entries into the meet

Check-in: Check-in will be set up near the start

line for the 55m dash. Athletes must check in to get

their hip number by the second call. They must

then be at the check-in area at the third call to be lead to the start line.

Field events are to check in at the event.

District Standards:

Girls Boys

LJ 15-3.25 9-6.5

TJ 32-0.25 39-2.25

HJ 4-8 5-6

PV 7-3 10-3

SP 28-2.25 40-1.25

55 H 10.59 9.28

55m 7.94 6.91

300m 45.68 39.80

500m 1:33.27 1:16.50

1000m 3:28.22 3:00.14

1600m 6:03.65 5:07.08

3200m 13:33.77 11:18.28

Time Schedule:

*We will run ahead of schedule when possible*

**Boys and Girls PV will be held on Thursday

January 25th starting at 06:30pm

Field Events:

Boys Long Jump 09:00

Girls High Jump 09:15

Girls Shot Put 09:30

Girls Long Jump 10:00

Boys High Jump 10:15

Boys Shot Put 10:30

Boys Triple Jump 11:30

Girls Triple Jump 1:00

Track Events:

Girls 4x800m Relay 10:00

Boys 4x800m Relay 10:15

Girls 55m Hurdles 10:30

Boys 55m Hurdles 10:40

Girls 55m 10:50

Boys 55m 11:00

Girls 4x200m Relay 11:10

Boys 4x200m Relay 11:20

Girls 1600m 11:30

Boys 1600m 11:40

Girls 500m 11:50

Boys 500m 12:00

Girls 1000m 12:10

Boys 1000m 12:20

Girls 300m 12:30

Boys 300m 12:45

Girls 3200m 1:00

Boys 3200m 1:20

Girls 4x400m Relay 1:35

Boys 4x400m Relay 1:45

Awards 2:15

Indoor Championships Admission: $7:00 for all



Principals State Membership Cards. 

Team Personnel: All team personnel, managers,

scorekeepers, etc. must enter with the team. 

Concessions and T-shirts will be sold.