Vote On Yours & See What Made Our #1 Moment of The Year

This year has been one for the record books! With so many great races, events, and of course performances, we had to take our time compiling this list. Check out all the moments here and let us know what you think about it both in our poll (to be listed when #1 is released) and via #MileStatTop25

#1: Grant Holloway 7.05 55mH National Record En Route to National 60mH Title!

This year we had national class records, over 15 national champions, state records and many other great performances. Though those were all historically great and exciting for our state, none compare to Grant Holloway's National Record 7.05 55mH in his National Title Winning 60m Hurdles. This was a monster personal best, shattered the state record, was an upset (he was not the top seed), and his first national title. It was three plus years of hard work bottled up into seven seconds. The best part of it though was that we had to wait until they read the photo finish to know that Grant had won!

Grant's 7.05 and 7.59 (#2 all-time by .01 for 60H) were both national class records and state records as well. This time counts as a national record since it is completely en route, the hurdles are the same distance and they have FAT cameras at both the 55 and 60 lines. We could talk for hours about how this was an amazing race but you just have to see it for yourself!

Watch the full race here!


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