Athlete Spotlight: Jette Davidson

There is only one thing that is equally crazy and awesome than Libby Davidson having a little sister that could be just as fast and that is having a little sister that is just as fast with the name Jette. If she improves like Libby did then Usain Bolt is going to have a new competitor for the best running name. 

At the 2016 Knights Crossing Invitational Jette blasted onto the scene with her 19:32.20 performance. That time was good enough for 13th place. That is just 6 seconds shy of older sis Libby's 19:26 (15th place) finish as a freshman at the same meet. 

Though Jette has just raced twice this season it is still very intriguing to see what type of speed she has. Libby would go on to run just 13 seconds faster heading into states but then have the race of her life and drop her time from a season opening 19:29 to a 18:28 state championship performance. 

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Libby is really a once in a generation type of talent... though she shares that title with two other active seniors as well. This may all be true but it is also fairly common for the younger sibling to be even more talented. We could only hope this is the case for Jette.

Already there are great signs that Jette is training well and obviously very talented. She hasn't raced a lot but has the absolute best training partner in the nation with big sis Libby. 

It is still unclear when we will see Jette race again and how well she will do but she definitely has shown us a lot already. Her role as a star is yet to be decided but it is clear that she will play a huge role on the Hilltopper's XC squad. If she can drop some serious time come states time then 4A better watch out for E.C. Glass.