Runner-up No More! Maury's Iman Islam is The 2017 Outdoor Track Coach of The Year

You can say winning is everything but sustained success is almost just as good. That is definitely the case down in Norfolk at Maury High School. Despite having one of the best teams in the entire state for the past four years, they have yet to take down Nansemond River on the big stage. Those second place finishes have definitely overshadowed the work that they have done but when you coach up one of the best programs in the entire state you deserve some recognition. 

Iman Islam is not only winning this award for his sustained success but also how great of a coach he is. If you think about it, most coaches can sustain success or at least not mess it up too bad but what Islam has done is enhance talent and help it reach new heights.

Take one look at Maya Seay or Brooke Stith's stats and see for yourself how much they've improved each season. Not only did they improve some, they moved way up the all-time lists in multiple events while knowing it was nearly impossible to take down Team War. Coaching athletes how to compete and be better personally is not easy task. 

Islam's team is not only prepared but also on a mission. You can see they are coached to respect their opponents but also taught how to beat them at every corner. This year highlighted that once again as they finished off a great season as the 5A runners-up. 

At Nationals Islam helped coach Brooke Stith to an All-American finish in the triple jump.