Kecoughtan HS runner killed by stray bullet

Tragedy hits the Virginia high school track community after the death of a runner late Friday night in Norfolk. Cameron Reed of the Kecoughtan High School boys track team was murdered at an IHOP in Norfolk on late Friday night. He was hit by a stray bullet that was ignited by a fight across the street from the IHOP. Reed had personal bests of 51 for 400 meters, 1:09 for 500 meters, and 2:01 in the 800 meter run.

Stray bullet kills teen

11:54 AM EST on Sunday, March 14, 2004

Cameron Reed A teenager just stopping for a meal at a local restaurant was killed by a stray bullet.

18-year-old Cameron Reed was killed early Saturday morning outside the IHOP restaurant on Military Highway.

Police said Reed was in the parking lot when a group of people began fighting across the street.

They started shooting, and Cameron was caught in the crossfire.

A bullet traveled across at least six lanes of traffic before hitting the teenager.

The accused gunman has been caught.

Norfolk police arrested 23-year-old Sammie Henderson.

He's charged with murder.

The teenaged victim was a senior at Kecoughtan High in Hampton.

Cameron Reed was a talented runner and star on the track team.

His coach, Albert Marrow, who was also his friend described Reed as an, "outgoing, adventurous, exciting young man."

He heard from another student what happened to Reed.

"He informed me that Cameron was shot and killed," Marrow said.

Although he was a top athlete, he liked working with numbers. The coach remembers talking with Reed about becoming an engineer or an accountant.

"Cameron rode home with me since 9th grade," Marrow said. "We'd get in the car together and we'll stop off and chit-chat-talk about the future."

Coach Marrow spoke of the camaraderie and how close the runners had become.

He had a bond with Reed that grew into a father-son relationship.

"One of the best runners you'd ever see," Marrow said.

It is those fond memories that'll help the coach in the days to come.

"He's just the typical kind of kid. Kid just had many ideals, many thoughts and wanted to do better," Marrow said.

Cameron was waiting to see if he'd receive an athletic scholarship from Hampton University or Delaware State University.