A Mega Preview For A Mega XC Weekend

Girls' Individual Preview

The picture tells you a lot of why we are excited for this weekend. Rachel Northcutt is definitely one reason but also who she will be going against is as well. At every meet this weekend in Virginia and even PTXC in PA we are going to see the favorites for all the state meets in action. 

At Pole Green we aren't expect too much drama but Rachel will have to takedown Allison Fick of Colonial Forge who already has a major win on the season. They will be joined by our preseason #11 Lily Snow as well. Snow is the most experienced runner on this course and that should bode well for her but will it be enough to beat these two superstars is why this is going to be exciting. 

Up at Monroe Parker it will likely be the Heather Holt show and with perfect weather that is enough excitement for an entire weekend. Expect a statement win from the GCM senior. 

Even higher up at PTXC in PA will be Natalie Morris and Ricky Fetterolf from Loudoun Valley. These two ladies are seeded well but have high aspirations and with great weather they will definitely try and make the most of this season opener. 

Down at Newport News will be Jodi Tolarchyk of Hickory and finally all the way down at Knights Crossing it will be a big group of talented runners from Blacksburg and the upset hopeful Parker Albright of Cave Spring. When you throw in Jessey Ball and others you get one tough individual race. 

The real question though is which meet will produce the most elite performances because this is one of the most well saturated weekends we have ever scene when it comes to elite girls from VA. Get ready because it is going to be one for the record books.