US #1 Team Loudoun Valley Just Made VA Look Real Good

It was up in the air until just a few weeks before the meet whether the Loudoun Valley Vikings, who are preseason #1 in the entire country, would run their full squads at this awesome Pennsylvania meet and boy are we thankful that they did! 

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Despite facing sloppy course conditions the Vikings of Loudoun Valley still managed to average a scary 16:02 average on the boys' side and a 19:42 average on the girls' side. Both of these varsity squads also reigned supreme and ran away with the team titles this weekend. The boys did so with a scary 27 points and the girls achieved their win with 84 points. They were not done with just those races though and also brought home the Boys Varsity B team title, the Girls JV team title, and the Boys JV team title. The Girls Varsity B team finished second. 

These times and team finishes are nothing short of jarring for the entire state of Virginia. Yes, they are a long way from winning an NXN title or making it to NXN on the girls side but man are they good. This season opener is just the beginning and that should get every super excited for what could be one of the most epic seasons in VA history. 

Individually things were also a big deal. On the girls' side you had senior Natalie Morris and freshman Ricky Fetterolf finish an impressive 3rd and 4th in 19:12 and 19:22. On the guys' side it was a 1-2-3-4 finish for the top group of Affolder, Bogucki, Hunter, and Morris all between 15:49 and 15:55. To put these times in perspective they are roughly 15-30 seconds slower than what they ended up running at Oatlands last year. 

Complete Loudoun Valley Results From PTXC 9:

19:12.64SBNatalie Morris3rdGirls Varsity Gold
19:22.21SBRicky Fetterolf4thGirls Varsity Gold
20:30.45SBElise Abbe23rdGirls Varsity Gold
20:34.80Alice Roberts24thGirls Varsity Gold
20:44.94Julia Ames30thGirls Varsity Gold
21:01.11SBCaroline Bolen9thGirls Varsity Blue
21:02.42Leah Snyder40thGirls Varsity Gold
21:23.78Heather Feconda58thGirls Varsity Gold
21:26.18SBJordan Campbell17thGirls Varsity Blue
21:31.90Abby Keane19thGirls Varsity Blue
21:33.49Noelle Saine65thGirls Varsity Gold
22:21.27SBMegan Stephenson4thGirls JV
22:24.30SBKate Brennan6thGirls JV
22:28.58SBIsabelle Gracias9thGirls JV
22:36.27SBKristin Colantonio35thGirls Varsity Blue
22:44.60Alyssa McCaffrey39thGirls Varsity Blue
22:51.51Grace Basinger47thGirls Varsity Blue
22:54.05SBErin Reynolds49thGirls Varsity Blue
22:57.29Sadie Grant51stGirls Varsity Blue
23:19.93Jordan Sheldon24thGirls JV
23:42.65Arya Tadepalli33rdGirls JV
24:13.62Amanda McGroddy51stGirls JV
24:53.22SBIsabelle Kidd79thGirls JV
26:30.32SBJosee Gregoire128thGirls JV
15:49.50SBSam Affolder1stBoys Varsity Gold
15:54.46SBColton Bogucki2ndBoys Varsity Gold
15:54.65SBJacob Hunter3rdBoys Varsity Gold
15:55.05SBPeter Morris4thBoys Varsity Gold
16:40.58SBKevin Carlson17thBoys Varsity Gold
16:47.27SBConnor Wells21stBoys Varsity Gold
17:08.12Kellen Hasle6thBoys Varsity Blue
17:15.53SBJacob Windle37thBoys Varsity Gold
17:18.97Brayden Cassidy7thBoys Varsity Blue
17:22.19Eliot Petersen9thBoys Varsity Blue
17:29.26SBAdam Broshkevitch10thBoys Varsity Blue
17:31.12SBChase Dawson49thBoys Varsity Gold
17:42.90Alec Venable17thBoys Varsity Blue
17:46.25Noah Peterson3rdBoys JV
17:56.60Scotty Hill26thBoys Varsity Blue
18:00.83SBJeremiah Mussmon5thBoys JV
18:12.23Jack Tracy31stBoys Varsity Blue
18:18.30Josh Walker33rdBoys Varsity Blue
18:22.36Luis Gutierrez Espinoza13thBoys JV
18:31.29Zach Stevenson16thBoys JV
18:31.75Luke Affolder17thBoys JV
18:44.49SBJoseph Cannata25thBoys JV
18:57.91Adam Conklin31stBoys JV
19:06.99Ted Orenzuk40thBoys JV
19:07.21Alex Nassif42ndBoys JV
19:10.60SBColin Donohue45thBoys JV
19:17.87SBAndy Herwig50thBoys JV
19:23.80Ben Gleason53rdBoys JV
19:28.46SBClayton Lundberg55thBoys JV
19:36.21Jack Garbe61stBoys JV
19:42.28Ethan Ericksen68thBoys JV
19:46.03Nick Nappi74thBoys JV
20:17.13Ryan French100thBoys JV
20:18.18SBDrew Kellogg104thBoys JV