Small Schools, Very Fast Guys!

Despite frigid conditions that saw the temp reach into the 20s, the 2A Boys race was nothing but fast. This race ultimately saw William Miller (James River Buchanan) defend his state title with his 15:40 winning time. That time was the fourth fastest of the entire meet with only Sam Affolder, Peter Morris, and Brent Bailey finishing ahead of him. 

Finishing just behind him was Oliver Wilson-Cook in 16:02. Also one of the faster times of the meet considering both days had frigid conditions. 

Though the times ultimately wouldn't score high on a speed rating basis, they were nonetheless very impressive considering the fact that by the time the 2A races went off that the fields were very yielding (squishy) and the temperature was at its lowest of all the competition. 

2A Boys: Individual Results - Team Reports - Splits 

Another impressive aspect of this was that William Miller hails from a school of just 541 students while Oliver Wilson-Cook (R.E. Lee Staunton) comes from a school of 741 students. It cannot be understate how very impressive it is that these two great athletes, who are both juniors, come from schools that could be combined together and then doubled and still not even equal the populations of some schools in VA. 

Both athletes are looking forward to big races ahead and of course that rematch next year. 

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