Big Sister Shadajah is Still The Ballard To Beat

Shadajah Ballard is nothing but supportive of her talented younger sister, Na'Taja Ballard. She may be supportive but she is also very competitive and she will be the first one to tell you that until little sister beats her, she is the Ballard to beat in VA. 

So far this season both have been showing off their talent but we've yet to see Shadajah in her featured events of the 55mH and 55m dash. She has however showed a lot more range this year with her 39.29 300m dash this past weekend at the Armory. That time is 23rd all-time in Virginia. 

In the shorter races we expect Shadajah to not only sweep the state titles but to also come close to state records and be in the contention for national titles as well. 

Entering the year it looked like Na'Taja would be the star of the 300 but thus far big sister is still the one to beat. Na'Taja though hasn't had a bad December either with a 40.23 best at Boo Williams in the 300 and a 8.44 in the hurdles. It is still very early for both. 

Both Ballards should be all the talent Branch needs to win a staggering fifth 6A team title in a row. Not to mention all the other talented athletes on their squad. The real battle though it seems will be between these two siblings for the next two years.