Waller's VA #9 All-Time Performance Highlights VA Dominance up in NYC

While the rest of the state was busy dealing with snow days, quite a few Northern Region teams were making the trek up to Staten Island for some quick times. The quickest of these being Hannah Waller's 38.74 win in the 300m dash at the Ocean Breeze Freedom Games. That time ranks her 9th all-time in Virginia. 

Race Videos - Meet Photos

South Lakes and Hannah served up some drama in the 4x200 as well with a huge anchor leg from Waller. They ultimately won the event in 1:43.91. That race video and comeback are above. 

The guys from Virginia also had two wins on the weekend with Andrew Delvecchio of Lake Braddock taking the 1K in a VA #3 2:30.62 and Ben Steadley of Robinson taking the high jump with his 6-4 clearance. 

VA Elite Performances at Ocean Breeze Freedom Games:

Girls (53)
300mF 1 1st38.74Hannah WallerSouth Lakes
300mF 6 11th45.24Alyse JohnsonHerndon
300mF 1 12th45.34Sarah BeardJames W. Robinson
300mp 5 1st38.94Hannah WallerSouth Lakes
300mp 7 9th42.04Mary GregorySouth Lakes
300mp 11 32nd43.42Mary SpanglerJames W. Robinson
300mp 16 38th43.64Daeja HopkinsJames W. Robinson
300mp 14 39th43.70Nicole PostSouth Lakes
300mp 17 44th43.86Claire BaileyJames W. Robinson
300mp 17 54th44.31Georgia ShermanJames W. Robinson
300mp 5 66th44.78Katherine SternHerndon
300mp 18 73rd45.17Peyton DavisLake Braddock
300mp 18 78th45.50Aliya MagnussonLake Braddock
300mp 16 86th45.93Maile WinklemanLake Braddock
300mp 12 89th46.02Rhema KonaduSouth Lakes
600mF 3 6th1:39.58Abla SamrhouniHerndon
600mF 4 16th1:44.12Aly RayleSouth Lakes
600mF 5 22nd1:46.34Nicole PostSouth Lakes
600mF 3 24th1:54.91Ambika MinochaSouth Lakes
600mF 5 28th1:47.64Reagan TobiasSouth Lakes
1000mF 2 1st3:16.01Emily LannenSouth Lakes
1000mF 1 3rd3:02.73Olivia DustonHerndon
1000mF 1 7th3:05.37Seneca WillenJames W. Robinson
1000mF 2 12th3:08.61Madeline McAvoyLake Braddock
1000mF 2 14th3:25.05Sydney AndersonSouth Lakes
1000mF 3 19th3:27.40Madeline HeintzJames W. Robinson
1000mF 4 20th3:18.73Caroline BeardJames W. Robinson
1000mF 4 20th3:28.52Ambika MinochaSouth Lakes
1000mF 4 28th3:21.41Jordan AndersonSouth Lakes
1600mF 1 3rd5:04.61Isabelle GulgertSouth Lakes
1600mF 2 14th5:23.79Grace MinesingerLake Braddock
1600mF 3 19th5:50.41Megan QuadeJames W. Robinson
1600mF 1 22nd5:52.31Audrey HicksJames W. Robinson
1600mF 5 31st5:33.41Caitlyn MorrisSouth Lakes
1600mF 3 38th5:37.93Grace VandelacLake Braddock
1600mF 5 40th5:39.34Marissa BangaSouth Lakes
1600mF 5 47th5:44.90Madeleine FleenorLake Braddock
1600mF 4 49th5:45.60Zoe RafterLake Braddock
1600mF 5 51st5:47.02Sophia WillisLake Braddock
3000mF 1 4th10:47.56Brielle PerryLake Braddock
55HF 2 12th9.85Kristen WilliamsSouth Lakes
55HF 5 19th10.16Skylar MontgomerySouth Lakes
55HF 4 24th10.34Alana PardoSouth Lakes
4x200mF 1 1st1:43.91South Lakes
4x200mF 2 3rd1:53.78Lake Braddock
4x200mF 1 12th1:56.82James W. Robinson
4x200mp 2 1st1:45.67South Lakes
4x200mp 6 8th1:48.19James W. Robinson
4x400mF 1 3rd4:07.26Herndon
4x800mF 1 3rd9:53.57Lake Braddock
4x800mF 1 6th10:07.31South Lakes
PVF 1 3rd8-0Zoe LyonsLake Braddock
SF 1 10th31-6.75Jamie RichardsSouth Lakes
Boys (46)
300mF 1 5th38.27Brandon CrispSouth Lakes
300mp 15 16th36.86Michael AltenburgJames W. Robinson
300mp 15 26th37.22Stephen JonesSouth Lakes
300mp 3 28th37.33Youssof HanifiLake Braddock
300mp 8 30th37.35Alex WallaceSouth Lakes
300mp 18 37th37.48John EggemanSouth Lakes
300mp 19 58th38.28Chris AdamsLake Braddock
600mF 10 10th1:29.29John EggemanSouth Lakes
600mF 4 12th1:34.63Noah MitchellHerndon
600mF 9 13th1:29.52Colin McCauleyHerndon
600mF 4 18th1:30.08Arthur AsadyLake Braddock
600mF 6 33rd1:32.78Aidan SmithSouth Lakes
600mF 5 37th1:33.41Perry SpringLake Braddock
1000mF 1 1st2:30.62Andrew DelvecchioLake Braddock
1000mF 1 2nd2:32.36Edward CerneLake Braddock
1000mF 1 5th2:35.55Alex LoukiliSouth Lakes
1000mF 3 10th2:50.04Christian PohlmannJames W. Robinson
1000mF 3 15th2:50.97Tommy AntonJames W. Robinson
1000mF 3 17th2:44.49Jacob HowardLake Braddock
1600mF 1 2nd4:50.89Brian KearneyLake Braddock
1600mF 2 13th4:26.82Sean CaseySouth Lakes
1600mF 1 14th4:44.72Jacob WillisLake Braddock
1600mF 3 19th4:46.22Ryan HambletLake Braddock
1600mF 2 27th4:31.54Silas MathewJames W. Robinson
1600mF 2 28th4:32.34Colin McCauleyHerndon
1600mF 4 42nd4:39.23Liban HanfiHerndon
1600mF 4 44th4:40.32Nicholas HowellJames W. Robinson
1600mF 4 52nd4:42.29Joshua BuontempoLake Braddock
1600mF 5 57th4:44.34Owen WalkerSouth Lakes
1600mF 6 66th4:47.01Calvin WarstlerSouth Lakes
55Hp 6 27th9.04Austin Parrot-ReidLake Braddock
4x200mF 3 8th1:38.11James W. Robinson
4x200mF 2 13th1:39.69Lake Braddock
4x200mF 3 18th1:40.94South Lakes
4x200mp 6 10th1:34.16Lake Braddock
4x200mp 4 13th1:34.96South Lakes
4x800mF 1 3rd8:11.93South Lakes
4x800mF 1 4th8:13.92Lake Braddock
HJF 1 1st6-4Ben SteadleyJames W. Robinson
LJF 1 10th19-5.25Jailan DanielsLake Braddock
TJF 1 6th41-0Jailan DanielsLake Braddock
PVF 1 3rd11-6Ammar FarounSouth Lakes
PVF 1 5th11-6Kevin LanzasLake Braddock
PVF 1 8th10-6Asher Levy-MyersSouth Lakes
PVF 1 9th10-6Alex TranHerndon
SF 1 3rd48-7Ronak CuthillSouth Lakes