The Hardest Triple In The Sport's History?

Pulaski's Grace Boone ran one of the toughest triples we have ever heard of at the 4A State Championships last week. She competed in the 500, 1K, and 300m dash all back-to-back. The crazy part about it? She won two of the events and scored in the other! 

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The state meet began with the 500m dash for Grace. She opened strong and was too strong the final meters in a winning time of 1:15.96. She quickly followed that up with a 3:01 win in the 1K. In that race she led from the gun but had to work very hard to out kick and lean Fauquier's Kyra Holland. Then it was her turn to run in the 300m dash.

In this 300m dash she was fortunately seeded in the final section to five her just a little extra rest. The mileage on her legs though was too much as she faded late and was unable to wind up into top form. Despite not having a great race she finished in 8th overall with a solid time of 43.90. Quite impressive considering how much she had just run.