What If The VHSL Held States at One Place...

The Schedule!

So this is the difficult part due to the inability to combine sections. That though becomes somewhat of a blessing in disguise. It forces the meet to be a three day meet: Thursday-Friday-Saturday. To make it the fairest meet possible we will also be keeping all classifications together to allow each their time in the sun and not just running 1A/2A on Thursday. 


  • 4x800m Relays at 4pm (12 Sections)
  • 1A/2A/3A/4A Girls Pole Vault Starting at 4pm (Both Pits)
  • 4A High Jump (Both Pits) at 4pm
  • 6A/4A Triple Jump (Both Pits) at 4pm
  • 5A Discus at 4pm
  • 1A Shot Put at 4pm


  • 3200m Runs at ~8am (12 Sections)
  • 1A/2A/3A/4A Boys Pole Vault (Pit A) at 10am 
  • 5A/6A Boys Pole Vault (Pit B) at 1pm
  • 1A/3A/6A High Jumps (Both Pits) at 10am
  • 2A/5A/1A/3A (Both Pits) Triple Jump at 1pm
  • 1A/4A/6A Discus at 10am
  • 2A/5A/3A Shot Put at 10am
  • Prelims of 100/100H/110H/400/800/200 at 4pm (Meet over at 8:45pm)


  • 5A/6A Girls Pole Vault at 11am (Both Pits)
  • 1A/2A/3A/4A/5A/6A Long Jump at 9am (All 4 Pits)
  • 2A/3A Discus at 10am
  • 4A/6A Shot Put at 10am
  • 2A/5A High Jump at 10am (Both Pits)
  • Running Events Starting at 10am - Meet Over by 8pm: In this order: 1600, (Just after 12 Noon) Finals of 100/High Hurdles, 400, 4x1, 300H, 800, 200, 4x400m Relay. 

*All classifications are run separately. If listed together the first class goes first...i.e...1A followed by 2A followed by 3A...This is also a rough schedule, more events could be added to Thursday's slate if needed. It was meant to be reasonable on Thursday to allow at least a half-day at school.