Hope Frost Never Gave Up Hope, Wakes Up As State Champion!

This morning Hope Frost woke up as a state champion. That isn't only because of her being pretty good at running but also because she never gave up in what became the most exciting race from the VISAA State Championships (Watch above). 

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Hope entered the competition as one of the girls to watch but she was not in anyway the favorite for their the 1600 or 3200 meter runs. She didn't let that stop her though in her first state championships. 

It all started with the 1600. The gun went off and the field started racing. It was anyone's race for the first three and quarter laps and then the race really began. Hope helped push the pace the entire way and tried to throw it into another gear but pre-race favorite Ella Dalton seemed to just have another gear.

That was until the final 100m where you could see the competitiveness in Hope's eyes. You could see how much she worked to get there and how she was never going to give an inch and fight with everything she had. To put it simply, she didn't give up hope. 

Down the homestretch they went and with just 50m remaining in the race Hope made up the three meter deficit like it was nothing and drove to the line. Dalton did not make it easy though and fought as well. It ultimately came down to a photo finish: 5:24.00 to 5:24.07. Hope was a state champion.

She returned back a few hours later and doubled up in the 3200. She once again waited until late to make and move and in this race absolutely pulled away from the field to win in 11:29.56. That ranks VA #7 for freshmen girls. 

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