The Draft Is Back! Sign-up For MileStates Fantasy Draft Here

The draft is back! Here is your chance to not only beat MileStat but also get the ultimate bragging rights of knowing VA T&F the best. The draft is simple, 20 people will be allowed to enter and each will select five individuals for their team. The fantasy team with the highest score wins!

To sign-up you need to email Nolan Jez at ASAP! Spots will go quickly so reserve a spot soon. We are only accepting 19 individuals plus myself. 

Q: What do I win if I win the competition? 

A: You will receive a MileSplit shirt this summer, get ultimate bragging rights, and have a special feature written about you or a topic that is compelling to you. 

Q: This seems fun but hard, should I sign up? 

A: Yes! It is difficult because it requires a lot of strategy and knowledge of the sport. 

Q: How does the scoring work?

A: You receive points for every race your athlete runs, jumps, or throws in. That is to say if your athlete scores 40 individual points you'd receive 40 points. If they ran on a relay and scored you get all those points as well. So if MC Heinen runs on the 4x8 and they win, 10 points will be headed your way. 

Q: What is a good strategy? 

A: Pick athletes who will score a lot of points of course! But realistically it is difficult, basically to win you need an entire team scoring over 20 points each and two athletes scoring over 30 points. The average winning team score will be around 28 points per athlete. 

Q: When is the deadline?

A: We will likely fill up all our spots by Tuesday morning so sign-up soon! After we have all the spots instructions will be sent to everyone and the selection process will begin. It is a snake draft and each athlete needs to have quite a few names prepared and sent to us prior to the draft starting. That of course will all be emailed out once you're in the draft!