Western Branch Wins Swedish Medley Relay

The Western Branch girls set the tone early that this weekend is all about Touks. In their first championship race of the weekend they left little doubt that they were here for more than an All-American finish by winning the Swedish Medley Relay in US #2 all-time 2:06.63.

Jessica Tucker opened up for the Bruins running the 100m leg. She handed off to Shadajah Ballard who then handed the stick to her little sister Na'Taja Ballard. Adriana Shockley brought the team home to the victory ahead of Nansemond River and Bullis who finished 2-3. 

They are certainly not finish with their title hopes. These Bruins are looking to place high in the 4x4, 4x1, SMR, SHR, and Mixed 4x4.