The 757 Went 1-2-3 in Mixed 4x4 at Nationals

Team VA, more specifically Team 757, showed the nation was boss last night in the Mixed 4x4. This new event at NBNO was won by Nansemond River indoors and outdoors it was all Western Branch who went 1-2. Bethel brought it home strong to finish third. 

Going into the race it was almost comical to see Western Branch with three teams in the final section. It was clearly a mistake in our mind until the gun went off and they proved us very wrong. Those three teams lead basically the entire race until their "C" team faded back on anchor. 

The "A" team was anchored by Na'Taja Ballard and "B" team was anchored by Shadonnay Nichols. Both teams went 3:28.11 and 3:28.36. Bethel finished in third in 3:33.41. 

The genius in this race came from none other than Touks who went guy-guy-girl-girl and made it a runaway race from the start. Watch next year as nearly every team likely copies that tactic.