Chancellor Invitational Preview: Better Weather This Year?

In both the boys and girls races this weekend the all-time list is likely going to change. Especially considering both champions return with hopefully much better weather than last year's hurricane like conditions. 

On the guys side it is Daniel O'Brien returning and ranking 31st all-time while on the girls side it is Allison Fick returning with her 2nd all-time ranking by time. 

Virtual Meets: Boys - Girls 

Both of these athletes enter the weekend as the favorites on paper but this race could go in many different directions. In the girls race for example Fick is definitely going to have company from teammate Mckenzi Watkins, Ellie Desmond (Broad Run), and Savannah Roark (Courtland).

Team wise Colonial Forge is definitely the team to beat on the girls' side. On the guys' side Patriot leads the way with Riverbend, James Monroe, and Battlefield all chasing with legit shots at winning. 

Finally on the guys' side, O'Brien is expected to have some company from Mitch Dolby, Paul Sepulveda, and Justin Sriver amongst others. 

Though the virtual meet ranking is great for basic knowledge, you really have to dig further to see who is favored in each race because of how hilly this course is. When you combine that with the potential for bad weather again you see that these races are really anyone's to grab.