What Event Predicts The Multis Winner

Aside from the complete phenoms, Anna Hall we're looking at you, there has to be something that predicts who will do well in the multis. Indoors that means the pentathlon and outdoors that means either the heptathlon or decathlon. 

Here we tried to statistically figure out if being good at one event, say the shot put, gave you a greater chance statistically at wining the national title. 

To do so we listed the top five finishers from both indoor and outdoor nationals and then listed their top three events each. What this information gave us was the averages we needed to see if one event or multiple events had a predictive affect. 

The short conclusion to our math is yes!

One event definitely had a huge affect on predicting how successful you would be (on average, of course) at NB Nationals. It was so significant that 90% of our sample had this event as one of their top three events and that a further 83.3% has this event as their best scoring event. 

See how we got these results on the following pages.