Franklin County Now Has A State Champ, Trent Whittaker!

Winning your first state title is special and something you will always remember while winning your school's first state title is something everyone will remember. That is going to be the case with Trent Whittaker of Franklin County who closed strong to bring home their first state title in school history. 

Watch his race here!

Trent's winning time of 2:31 was also one of the fastest 1K's he's ever run too. The way he won could also be an equally awesome story. 

With just one lap to go he trailed the leader by 20m and was sitting in 6th place. He crossed the 800m mark at 2:02 and closed the final 200m lap in a quick 29 seconds. He moved into second by the time he had just 150 meters left and finally took the lead over with just 45 meters to go. The rest of course is history.