Nine Teams DQ'd In SHR & Oscar Smith Sweeps!

There is always going to be drama at a big track meet but what happened on the track Saturday was unbelievable. In the girls shuttle hurdle relay a staggering nine teams were disqualified and one of those was Western Branch who set the national record. 

Ultimately winning the competition was Oscar Smith's relay team running under the club name Virginia Elite. This went along with their boys' win.

According to our sources the whole issue arose when Western Branch was disqualified for leaving early in one of the exchanges. Watching the race it was impossible to see if they even left early. But when they were DQ'd for a slight movement in the blocks via video footage the officials agreed they needed to be fair and examine all the races. 

That is when things got crazy and eventually led to a whopping nine teams getting disqualified including the entire top three finishers.